JOHNS CREEK - Did you know that you live in the state’s wealthiest city? According to a study released by Bizjournals, Johns Creek is Georgia’s wealthiest city and the 95th wealthiest in the nation.

According to the study, the median household income in Johns Creek is $108,416 and the average home value is $335,900.

The Bizjournals study used U.S. Census data to analyze income levels, home sizes and values, number of cars owned and education factors.

In the state’s 10th largest city with nearly 70,000 residents, 39.6 percent of homes have nine or more rooms, according to the study. Five percent of Johns Creek households own four or more cars, it also said.

The median home value in Johns Creek is about $15,000 higher than in neighboring Alpharetta, where 30 percent of homes have more than nine rooms and 2.2 percent of households own four or more cars.

Other Georgia cities ranked among the nation’s top 250 wealthy cities, including Sandy Springs (ranked 123), Dunwoody (ranked 130), Alpharetta (ranked 203) and Peachtree City (230), according to Bizjournals.

“It’s an affluent community ... the people are well-educated and the fact that there’s large houses validates the fact that it’s a family-oriented community,” said Bill Doughty, communications director for the city of Johns Creek.

He added that while Johns Creek is a wealthy city, it’s also a generous one. Johns Creek Relay for Life exceeded its monetary goals and the “Cops on Shops” for Special Olympics surpassed its fundraising goals recently.

“Even in these tight economic times, the people of Johns Creek were opening their hearts and wallets to benefit a great cause,” said Doughty.

He added that the combination of good schools, recreational opportunities and cultural arts help make Johns Creek a wealthy city as well.

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