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MILTON, Ga. — Milton residents who have large brick, stone or concrete mailboxes near public streets should heed warning to an ordinance update the City Council passed at its Oct. 21 meeting.  

The approved updates concern fixed objects in the city’s right of way and specifically address mailboxes. The ordinance bans the installation of brick, stone or concrete mailboxes in the right of way.

City Attorney Ken Jarrard said “monument” style mailboxes already in place in the right of way will need to be removed. 

“The problem is, they’re in the right of way,” Jarrard said. “So, they are on City of Milton property, and there’s two hazards. One, of course, is obviously the notion of the motoring public hitting something that is brick in the right of way. And secondly, it’s the limited view. These are basically almost like small monument structures where another, much less invasive facility, can accomplish the exact same thing.”

The ordinance gives the city’s traffic engineer or his or her designee authority to deem a mailbox in the right of way a safety hazard. 

Jarrard said talks on the issue have been going on “for quite some time” on how to deal with large mailboxes in the right of way, and the city will continue to refine the ordinance and how it is enforced. 

“This is only a step in that process,” he said. 

One lingering question is who will pay for removing a mailbox that is deemed a safety hazard. 

“That is something that is being debated right now, and that is probably something the council may hear about in the future,” Jarrard told council members. “We have gone back and forth. We’re just going to have to make the best recommendation to the council we can make that treats everybody fair, as fair as we can.” 

The updates to the ordinance address all fixed objects in the right of way. Previously, the regulations considered any fixed object in the right of way a safety hazard, but the update gives the city’s traffic engineer discretion in making that determination.

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