As a Milton resident and boutique horse farm owner, it comes as no surprise that our charming, equestrian community is experiencing rapid growth. As a result, more people than ever are utilizing our amazing public parks. 

Unfortunately, however, there is nothing more potentially catastrophic than encountering a loose dog on a mixed-use trail. 

Last week, in Birmingham Park, my horse and I narrowly avoided a tragedy as an off-leash dog charged us, aggressively barking. Its owner watched dumbfounded as my horse leapt into the air, spun and bolted off the trail into the trees, narrowly avoiding catastrophic injury. 

In fact, equestrians will agree, it was quite miraculous neither my horse nor I were injured in this harrowing ordeal. Even as experienced trail partners, nothing can prepare a horse and rider for a situation like this except for prevention and education. 

Please observe the leash laws in Birmingham Park. Additionally, drones are prohibited. Furthermore, had there been a serious injury incurred by either myself or my horse, I can’t help but believe the owner of the dog breaking the leash law would have been held liable. 

Additionally, perhaps some signage to that effect, could save someone’s life. As a horseback rider and a dog owner, let’s work together so we can all safely enjoy the park! Please keep your dog on a leash or face the consequences.

Adrienne Bryant, Milton 

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It's time Milton built a dog park. Fowler park has a nice big dog park but it's pretty far. I'd also like to see people pick up after their dogs when walking. Who do they think is picking after them? Way too many people just leave it and walk away. I propose a bounty on dog doo offenders. $500 fine to anyone who doesn't pick up after their dog. $250 bounty to the first person who turns in video identifying and proving the person didn't pick up.

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