MILTON, Ga. — Brightwater Homes has drawn up plans to add homes along Ebenezer Road in the southwest corner of Milton. The proposed neighborhood, dubbed The Grove at Sweetapple, calls for 11 homes adjacent to the developer’s Sweet Apple subdivision, which is under construction. 

The Milton Planning Commission was set to consider the plan at its Sept. 25 meeting, but because the proposal did not meet the legal requirement for advertising to the public, the board will now hear the proposal at its Oct. 23 meeting. 

The site plan includes nine homes on 11.1 acres with homes constructed along a 24-foot wide entrance road with no curb or gutter. The road will have a hammerhead turnaround with a mail kiosk. The site will include an extension of the trail already in place surrounding the nearby pond. 

City officials said the site plan meets all the codes and requirements of its AG-1 zoning. Zoning Manager Robyn McDonald said the subdivision will be “very similar” to those at the Sweet Apple neighborhood, which are listed around 3,000 to 4,000 square feet and will be priced at around $900,000 to $1 million on Brightwater’s website. 

The Planning Commission is set to discuss the plan at its Oct. 23 meeting before it goes before the City Council. The council could hear the plan in November. 

If approved, the neighborhood will add to Brightwater’s presence along Ebenezer Road. The Sweet Apple development, which was approved by the city in 2017, includes 21 homes on 38 acres. Thirteen of the homes have been sold according to Brightwater’s website.  

Sweet Apple and Brightwater’s new proposal are far different from the company’s 2016 plan which called for the rezoning of 63 acres to allow for higher density and 50 homes, a contentious issue for many residents. 

After a lengthy and confusing City Council meeting that went well beyond midnight, the board voted 4-2 to approve the rezoning. However, Mayor Joe Lockwood vetoed that decision, citing procedural issues during the meeting. 

Following Lockwood’s veto, the council heard the proposal again and switched its vote 4-2 to deny the rezoning.

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