Kimberly Premoli was recently named Cambridge High School principal. Premoli has worked at the school since it opened in 2012, most recently as assistant principal.

MILTON, Ga. — Cambridge High School’s new principal is excited for her opportunity to lead the school and continue its success as a nationally recognized comprehensive center of education. She will also be a familiar face to students, parents and faculty.

Kimberly Premoli has been named the school’s second principal after working at Cambridge since it opened in 2012. She most recently served as an assistant principal, specializing in curriculum, master scheduling, student support and personalized learning.

“I was really honored to be able to continue the work that I have been doing, to know that work has been appreciated and our community wants to see us continue in the direction from which we have started,” Premoli said. 

The new principal said she was ready for the position a few years ago. Despite having opportunities with other schools, she wanted to remain a Bear.  

“It has been such a privilege to watch Cambridge take root, bloom and flourish in the past six years,” Premoli said. “It’s a tribute to a collective group of people who defined that they were here to work with students, allow those students to achieve at great heights and provide opportunities that other students don’t have at traditional high schools.”

Premoli is also thankful to outgoing principal Dr. Edward Spurka who brought her to the school after they worked together at Roswell High School.

“It’s kind of bittersweet,” she said. “Working with Dr. Spurka has been such a pleasure, and I learned so much from him. I was of course sad to see him move on, but he has great things to do at his new role and he supported me in the idea that I could also be Cambridge’s principal.”

Spurka is leaving Cambridge to become head of school at Pinecrest Academy in Forsyth County.

Premoli said she is a competitor, coach, nurturer and investor for students. She also said she is not just a teacher, she is also a learner.

“I think the two go hand-in-hand,” she said. 

A focus in her new role will be to connect with students and teachers.

“What I really strive to do is support our students, to find out who they are as a person, find out what is out there that they aspire to or are interested in,” she said.

That’s a challenging task in a school of 2,000 students, Premoli said, but the support systems at the school, such as a transition program, an initiative that pairs senior leadership with freshman, and an enrichment and remediation program, are vital. The new principal hopes to connect these systems to further enhance the student experience and that “no one falls through.”

Premoli also wants to increase Cambridge’s already impressive graduation numbers.

“I want to get us to a 100 percent graduation rate and get students prepared for whatever their next opportunity is,” she said. “We are 98 percent currently, and while 98 percent is great, it’s the 2 percent I’m after.”

Another goal is to ensure the school continues to be recognized as one of the best in the state.

“I want our students and parents to say to their families and friends that Cambridge was a great experience and to promote the fact that you would want your own kids to come here,” she said.

“I want our teachers to say it’s a great place to work and they wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else. In knowing this is a great place to work, it’s also a place where we work hard, we do not become complacent and we are always looking to improve.”  

With the first day of school less than a week away, Premoli is excited, ready and honored to step into her new role.

“I know I’m ready for it and I feel the love of my community,” she said. “The teachers, students and parents have been amazing. It means a great deal.”

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