MILTON, Ga. — Drivers looking to park on the street should take heed of Milton’s new parking ordinance passed by the City Council on Oct. 7. 

The new regulations outline where parking is permitted on roads and gives additional city personnel the authority to write parking tickets. 

Previously, Milton officers could only write citations for parking violations under state statutes, which carry a fine of around $178, Police Chief Rich Austin said. Under the new ordinance, Milton can create a more “reasonable fine schedule” with charges of around $25 to $50 for violations, he said. 

“This is more in line with our neighboring jurisdictions.” Austin said. “We can still have the positive impact on parking enforcement while being fair to our citizens.” 

The ordinance states that cars parked on streets must leave at least a 10-foot wide berth on the road to allow for cars passage on the road. The law says it is illegal for any person to park “in such manner as to obstruct or impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic on the streets.” 

Parking on crosswalks or parking two abreast on any street in the city is prohibited. The ordinance also bans parking trailers, semitrailers or truck tractors in any residential area. The ordinance does permit certain commercial vehicles from parking on residential streets, including moving trucks or utility vehicles. Motorhomes are permitted to be parked on the street, but for no more than 24 hours

Enforcing the new regulations will be Milton Police and the city’s new public safety ambassadors. The two, non-sworn ambassadors will be authorized to write tickets or to have illegally parked cars towed.  

The new regulations will be enforced in all areas of the city.

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