MILTON, Ga. — Robert Drewry has been named to serve as Milton’s new public works director where he will oversee the city’s roads, stormwater management, transportation planning and wastewater management and other city infrastructure. The role has been open since Carter Lucas left the post early this year. 

“We’re thrilled to have found someone as experienced as Robert Drewry and appreciate how our current staff have taken on additional duties in the interim,” City Manager Steve Krokoff said in a statement. “This was a lengthy, multi-step hiring process. It was important that we found someone with the right skills and experience, but it was also essential that we found someone who values citizen engagement.”

Drewry has already taken the plunge into serving Milton, and he brings extensive experience to the city. A South Georgia native, Drewry served as an assistant county engineer in Lowndes County before joining Chatham County in the late 1990s. In 2000, he began his tenure as the county’s public works director. 

Though he called the southern portion of the state home, Drewry said he knew of Milton since its incorporation and was intrigued by its progress. The opportunity to work with a “progressive community” and share his experience is what drew him to join the city’s staff. 

Drewry’s background includes road, storm water, sewer and solid waste management, and he led a staff of over 130 employees with Chatham County. He said that there is not much difference in public works from a county to city standpoint, but he has seen that Milton operates with a much tighter staff, and project funding presents a unique challenge.  

“What I have learned is that the management model in Milton is lean and with a significant portion of public works outsourced to vendors, I believe my role here will be more hands-on which I can appreciate,” he said. “I also understand the unique challenges that come with a capped millage rate when it comes to transportation improvements as opposed to maintaining existing roadways. Milton is fortunate that Fulton County voters approved the 5-year TSPLOST sales tax. Because of those additional revenues, the city was able to expedite a number of transportation improvement projects that would not have been possible on this expedited timeline if just relying on general revenues.”

Drewry said he will focus on being a steward for Milton residents. 

“Residents need to have a role in their local government,” he said. “That’s how the system works. They need to be able to pick up the phone, speak to someone and report a concern. My role here is to serve our residents to the best of my ability and to help ensure that staff have the resources and support needed to serve our citizens.”

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