MILTON, Ga. — The City of Milton and Porter Academy have signed a formal agreement to share a space on Cox Road that will give park visitors a much-needed access point. The city’s newest park, the former United Sports Complex, was purchased earlier this month. 

The agreement permits the school to use the park’s fields for outdoor activities and PE classes. In exchange, the school will allow park visitors access through a gate at the rear of the academy’s property, which will provide drivers with an easier ingress and egress from the parks’ entrance along Cox Road.

Parks and Recreation Director Jim Cregge said the access point is crucial because of the traffic pattern at the intersection of Cox Road and Arnold Mill Road and the location of the park’s existing driveway

Additional parking for those attending the park will also be available because of the agreement. 

The contract is a formal version of similar agreements the school has arranged with the complex’s three previous owners, and Cregge said it “made sense” to continue the partnership. 

Milton finalized the purchase of the complex earlier this month for $1.5 million through the city’s impact fees dedicated to parks and trails improvement and from the parks and trail improvement capital fund. 

The site includes two full-sized, grass multi-use fields and a half-sized turf field. The complex is fully lighted and has on-site bathrooms. 

There are also two buildings on the site. While Cregge said the structure closest to Cox Road in not currently usable, the southern building has bathrooms, a meeting room for coaches, an office and a storage room for field maintenance equipment. 

The purchase will help mitigate field-space issues the city has faced while its sports programming continues to grow. Cregge said the city will begin transitioning some of its boys and girls lacrosse from Bell Memorial Park to the new park. 

The fields can now be rented through the city with the City Council approving fees at its Jan. 22 meeting. 

Residents can rent the fields with a $100 refundable security deposit. Fees for renting one field are $50 per hour without lights and $75 with lighting with a minimum rental of two hours. 

Non-Milton residents will still be able to rent the fields, but the city will tack on an additional 50 percent on rental fees, and city residents and organizations will still have priority. 

Since finalizing the purchase, Cregge said the city has focused on preparing the site for use next month. While he said the city will develop plans for potential improvements, there is no timeline for when that work could start.

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