MILTON, Ga. — The City of Milton will continue to operate under a state of emergency through July 12. The decision is in line with the governor’s statewide Public Health State of Emergency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Milton City Council adopted the newest emergency ordinance at a June 8 special called City Council meeting. The vote was unanimous, with council members Carol Cookerly and Rick Mohrig not in attendance.

The city has repeatedly reviewed and renewed the declaration of a state of emergency each month since it first went into effect mid-March. Each declaration is effective for 30 days in accordance to the city’s charter.

Milton’s most recent declaration is functionally the same as its previous iterations.

“There are a variety of reasons to implement [the new declaration],” said City Attorney Ken Jarrard. “Not to mention it gives us a little more flexibility with respect to any emergency situations that come up.”

With the emergency declaration, the city can enact curfews, loosen existing city regulations, and close businesses or public areas to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. It will also help the city with any reimbursement opportunities, Jarrard said.

While the newest declaration passed unanimously, Councilman Paul Moore said he had some concerns with the governor’s actions and how it will impact local small businesses.

“I’m disappointed in the governor’s decree at the moment,” he said. “There are some pretty broad brushstrokes that don’t take into consideration local nuance.”

Milton is currently in Phase One of its reopening plans. The first phase calls for continued use of remote city services, teleworking when practical and limited gatherings of city employees. It outlines plans to reopen park activities as well as resuming City Council, board and committee meetings.

The city will consider moving on to Phase Two, which would increase in-person activity in City Hall as well as park and recreation facilities, once the state of emergency expires.

Milton COVID-19 cases

June 3


June 1


May 27


May 22


Source: Fulton County Board of Health

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