MILTON, Ga. — Milton residents who receive trash pickup from Allegiance Sanitation will soon need to switch providers. 

The hauler has been out of compliance with its contract with the city by failing to pay a portion of receipts for maintenance fees, according to city staff. The City Council voted Nov. 19 to remove the company from its list of approved waste haulers. 

Allegiance will be removed from the Milton’s list of 13 approved waste haulers on Jan. 1, 2019. 

Waste haulers providing service within the city are required to pay a maintenance fee of 5 percent of gross receipts from customers within Milton. Allegiance has not made a quarterly payment since June 2017, city officials said. 

The company has also failed to provide the city with proof of insurance, a more troubling infraction for City Manager Steve Krokoff. 

“They have to provide proof of insurance, and this company has had catastrophic issues in the past,” Krokoff said at the Nov. 19 City Council meeting. “I just want to make sure they are insured and we are properly protecting the members of the community and those on the road.”  

The city made a formal request for proof of insurance from Allegiance this summer, but it has still not received the documentation. 

City staff has also received multiple complaints from customers, including from residents who were charged a cancellation fee without prior notice. Other grievances involved unpredictable pickups or failure to conduct trash service. 

Finance Director Bernadette Harvill said two homeowners’ associations have cut ties with the company due to complaints. City staff is currently drafting a course of action for any customers who have paid Allegiance for service beyond New Year’s Day. 

Residential customers can still receive trash service from the following companies:

Advanced Disposal (formerly CWS)

American Disposal Services

Custom Disposal

GW Lovelace

Henry Edward Kincaid

Republic Services

Sanitation Solutions

Waste Management

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