Milton Police cruiser

MILTON, Ga. — One major benefit of Milton Police’s new headquarters at the city’s new Public Safety Complex is the cost savings it presents taxpayers over leasing space, which the city had done since the founding of the department. But now city officials are considering a reversal of that approach when it comes to the city’s police cruisers, maintenance trucks and other vehicles.

At the Oct. 19 Milton City Council meeting, representatives with Enterprise Rent-A-Car presented the board with a potential leasing system for city vehicles that could present a cost-savings to taxpayers.

Enterprise officials studied the city’s current fleet of 65 vehicles, which excludes fire trucks, and found that about one-third are seven years or older and the average age of all cars is over five years. Enterprise officials said the city could save money in the long run by replacing its older vehicles with new, leased cars and trucks because they require less maintenance and are more fuel efficient, not to mention generally safer.

An estimate presented said the city currently pays around $120 a month in maintenance cost for its fleet, but by leasing the cars, that figure could be lowered to $70.

A proposed plan presented by Enterprise would replace all of the city’s vehicles over the next five years as they age out of service, and the program would lower the average life cycle of a city vehicle from 9.2 years to five years, which will improve equity the city earns when the cars are re-sold.

As presented, Enterprise said the plan would provide a $368,000 savings to Milton’s coffers over the next five years.

The leasing system can be tuned to Milton’s desires, an Enterprise official said, with several different maintenance options. He said the City of Roswell leases its vehicles from the company, and their agreement was tuned toward preventative maintenance.

The city could choose to back out of the agreement at any time.

City Council members seemed receptive to the idea and asked the company to further its research and present a 10-year plan to the board.

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