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MILTON, Ga. — Only one vape shop currently operates within Milton, and a proposal coming down the pipeline would ensure no others can do business within the city. If adopted, an ordinance presented to the Milton Planning Commission at its Feb. 27 meeting would prohibit new vape businesses from operating in Milton.

The proposed ordinance defines a vape shop as any business that sells primarily alternative nicotine products, vape juice, or both. 

The intention of the ordinance is not to curb nicotine use. Rather, the city is looking to reinforce a recently enacted ban on the use and sale of synthetic marijuana and opiates in Milton. 

According to a presentation given to the Planning Commission, the vape shop ban, “…will hopefully assist in limiting the ongoing purchase and ingestion” of the synthetic drugs. 

In a joint statement from Police Chief Rich Austin and Robyn Macdonald, zoning manager, the ordinance will supplement the ban on synthetic drugs. 

“Both synthetic marijuana and opiate substitutes are often distributed via vape shops and gas stations,” the statement said. “By addressing it from both a product and distribution standpoint, we are better positioned to positively impact the ease of access by our local youth.”

Vapor King, located on Ga. 9, is the only operating vape business in the city. The shop will be permitted to continue normal operation if the ban is passed. 

According to city officials, Milton Police Department spoke with the owners of the shop recently after the passage of the synthetic marijuana ban. The owners said they do not sell synthetic drugs. 

The first presentation of the ordinance was given at the Milton City Council meeting on March 4. The council could take a vote on the ordinance at its next regularly scheduled meeting on March 18.

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1) Milton is going to potentially ban vape shops
2) There is only one vape shop in Milton
3) The ban will not affect the current vape shop

Huh? What is the point? Is the city in cahoots with the one vape shop so they have a monopoly in the city?

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