Public Safety Complex

City officials and the Milton City Council break ground on the new public safety complex on Cambridge High School Road. Construction will begin soon on the 39,000-square foot facility.

MILTON, Ga. — Milton officials, residents and first responders marked the beginning of a new era for the city’s police and fire departments by breaking ground on the new public safety complex July 18. The 40,000-square foot facility, located on 3.5-acres along Cambridge High School Road, will house the city’s court, police station and a new fire station. 

“I’m really excited because it gives us a sense of permanence and also a home to not only our employees who will work here and use it to help keep our city safe…but it will also serve as a landmark and symbol for our citizens,” Mayor Joe Lockwood said. “It’s going to be a beautiful building and accent the area, and there is also space for the community to enjoy and host events. It’ll just give us another place to build our sense of community.” 

The building will include 14,000 square feet to serve as Fire Station 44. The station will include three bays for fire engines and equipment. The station will be the first built by Milton. Stations 41, 42 and 43 were inherited from Fulton County. 

The 1-story court and police facility will be around 25,000 square feet with a basement. 

Milton Police Chief Rich Austin said his department has been eagerly awaiting a permanent home. 

“Our officers and our civilian employees have really looked forward to this, and we really appreciate our citizen support, and of course the support of our city staff and elected officials to bring this to fruition,” Austin said. “We believe this is going to be a facility that our community can be proud of and certainly something our employees can be proud of as well.” 

The estimated cost for the complex is around $13 million. The city managed to lower the expected price by nearly $2 million since April. Like the construction of Milton City Hall, the new building will present a cost-savings in the long run. The city has leased a building on Deerfield Parkway that serves as the municipal court and police headquarters. Milton also spends around $60,000 to lease evidence storage space. 

“It’s something our citizens own, so it gives us this asset for many years,” Lockwood said. 

The complex’s location will allow first responders to quickly respond to a significant number of emergency calls.

“Deerfield is our busiest (zone) by far, so having officers in and out of here 24/7 will continue to allow us to provide exceptional service to our citizens and keep our response times as low as we possibly can,” Austin said.  

New South Construction was awarded the contract to construct the facility. The firm also built City Hall. Crews are expected to begin construction this month and the current timeframe for completion is September 2020.

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