MILTON, Ga. — The Milton City Council voted Sept. 21 to adopt a plan for the city’s budget for the 2021 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1. The approval of the budget was unanimous. 

The approved budget includes $41.9 million in total spending across a general fund, three special revenue funds and six capital projects funds.

Spending in the general fund, which pays for day-to-day operations, is expected to be $31.1 million, an increase of less than 1 percent from the current year’s amended budget.

The city projects $29.5 million in total revenues, a 1 percent decrease from the fiscal year 2020 amended budget. Milton Finance Director Bernadette Harvill cited a forecasted decrease in intangible taxes, investment income, and property taxes as the reason. Fund transfers will be used to make up the $1.6 million difference between revenues and expenditures.

As part of the approved plan, city employees will receive a 3 percent increase in pay. At a previous meeting held to discuss the proposed budget, City Manager Steve Krokoff cited the competitive pay of neighboring cities as the main reason for increasing pay in Milton. Krokoff recalled a recent case in which he lost an employee to the city of Alpharetta, which offered a $20,000 pay increase from their job with the city of Milton. Krokoff said 3 percent might not be enough of an increase.

“We barely keep up with our peers at [a] 3 percent [increase],” Krokoff said at a previous meeting.

Other expenditures proposed in the 2021 budget includes $93,000 for staffing Fire Station 44, the city’s new station in its new Public Safety Complex, and $92,891 to create the position of an in-house soil and erosion control manager, which the city currently outsources. The budget also allots $35,845 for the purchase of a truck for soil and erosion control.

The city expects to save more than $50,000 annually by creating the new position instead of paying an outside firm for the work, according to a preliminary hearing on the budget.

Taking into consideration the revenues and expenditures of the approved spending plan, the city projects a fund balance of $8.4 million at the end of the year.

No citizens offered comments or questions at the final hearing for the city’s budget for the 2021 fiscal year.

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