City of Milton

Notice of Meeting

Board of Zoning Appeals



Meeting:                Board of Zoning Appeals

                              December 17, 2019

                              6:00 P.M.


Location:               City of Milton

                              2006 Heritage Walk

                              Council Chambers

                              Milton, Georgia 30004-6119



Consideration of Primary Variance

  1. V19-009, 175 Gladwyne Ridge Drive – Deferred from last month


  • To allow a structure to encroach into the 75 foot impervious setback (Sec. 20-426, 2)
  1. V19-012, 14915 Thompson Road


  • To reduce the side setback from 25 feet to 14.5 feet for the existing residence and 1 foot for the accessory structure. (Sec. 64-416, c, 1)
  1. V19-013, 980 Birmingham Road, Suite 811


  • To allow more than one freestanding sign per right-of-way.
    (Sec. 64-2326, a, 2, c)
  • To allow a sign to be constructed of plastic material.
    (Sec. 64-2326, a, 1, c)
  • To allow the sign face to be constructed of plastic.
    (Sec. 64-2326, a, 1, d).
  • To allow a pole/lollypop sign. (Sec. 64-2326, e, 1)
  1. V19-014, 643 Glenover Drive


  • To allow a pool, pool deck, and pool equipment to encroach into the 75 foot impervious setback. (Sec. 20-426, 2)
  1. V19-015, 15770 Thompson Road


  • To allow a new public road for a subdivision to be two feet from an AG-1 zoned property. (Sec. 64-2397)

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