Johns Creek Mayor and City Council, 

 First off, I do want to thank you for your personal time and sacrifice that you make to serve this community. You are not thanked enough. 

 However, recent events have drove me to write this note. I’ve been trying to understand what you have accomplished in the past few years and I am coming up with very little. One thing I do know: 

 The Majority of this city voted for TSPLOT. 

The Majority of the city voted for the Park Bond.

 The majority of this community voted for you to work toward solutions to problems, not embarrassing staff and blaming everyone but yourselves as to why many of the problems that this city has just keep getting ignored. 

 The Majority of our residents want traffic relief.

The Majority of our residents want more access to parkland and recreational opportunities.  

I’m experienced enough to know that not every solution is perfect. I don’t know if the solution to reduce lanes on 141 was the right solution. I will fully admit that. What I do understand is that traffic congestion continues to get worse and all you all do is blame one another and staff for not finding solutions. How is that working to serve the majority? 

The lack of action at the 141/State Bridge intersection is really embarrassing to you all. The city purchased the Cauley Creek park years ago and that land continues to not even be accessible to the residents whose tax dollars purchased it.  

The majority of people in the city are hardworking, busy folks that expect that their vote to fix these problems is being worked on by consciousness people that are following the ‘promises’ they make when they run. What they don’t expect is people grandstanding about staff issues or calculating their vote so they protect their long term political future.  

C’mon you all, you are better than this


Dan McCabe

Founding Johns Creek City Council member 

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