DULUTH, Ga. — Rainbow Village, an organization focused on homelessness, poverty and domestic violence has added two new members to their Board of Directors.

President of Georgia Gwinnett College, Dr. Jann Joseph, and Senior Vice President of United Community Bank, Jill Edwards, have joined the organization’s board.

Joseph has been at the helm of Georgia Gwinnett College since July 2019. Joseph joined the board for the Gwinnett Chamber, where she met Edwards. Edwards was familiar with Rainbow Village, having aided in the funding of the second phase of apartment buildings on the nonprofit’s campus. Edwards introduced Joseph to Rainbow Village, and the two joined the Board of Directors together.

“I felt a connection to the mission at Rainbow Village,” Joseph said. “I had been asking myself ‘how do I use my time and energy to help people who keep working and keep fighting but need a voice.’ Our life decisions can easily become mistakes and a series of mistakes can mean one’s life is not turning out the way one hoped it would. From a spiritual perspective, I say ‘There but by the grace of God go I.’ For some of these women, it involves the decision of the people they choose to have in their life. I was fortunate to be happily married for 36 years to a man who was devoted to me and our children. If he had not been the man he was, I could have been homeless. Instead, I had a support system. Many of the families who come to Rainbow Village haven’t had a support system to lift them up. This program represents an opportunity for homeless families – often led by single mothers – to start over and reach their full potential.”

“We are incredibly honored to have these two fantastic women serve on our Board of Directors,” Melanie Conner, CEO for Rainbow Village, said. “Each comes with her own unique set of skills, a wealth of wonderful ideas and a heart for serving others. We feel extremely blessed to welcome Dr. Jann Joseph and Jill Edwards to Rainbow Village.”

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For more information about Rainbow Village and its programs, please visit www.rainbowvillage.org.

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