JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Johns Creek Police arrested a woman for battery on a police officer June 22, after an officer punched the unarmed woman in the face. 

Around 5:30, police received a 911 call from a restaurant on State Bridge Road reporting that a woman who was intoxicated threatened other employees, threatened to burn down the building and refused to leave after being fired. 

Officer R. Bucki arrived on the scene and was directed by the manager to the suspect who was smoking behind the restaurant with an employee. The suspect, 25-year-old Jennifer Olga Sims of Alpharetta, was uncooperative when the office asked questions, the report said.

Bucki asked her to follow him to his vehicle and she initially followed but then stopped and refused to come farther. The officer then informed her he would need to handcuff her. She then put her wrists out as if to comply but then jumped away, according to police reports. 

The officer then struck Sims in the mouth with a closed fist and she fell to the ground. He attempted to handcuff her, but she continued to struggle, and other restaurant employees had to help restrain her. 

Once the suspect was in handcuffs, the officer tried to walk her to the police vehicle. She allegedly kneed the officer in the groin and resisted being placed in the backseat. According to the officer, she smelled of alcohol and was continuously making violent threats. 

Sims was transported to the hospital and later to the Alpharetta jail. Her listed possessions did not include any weapons. She was charged with simple battery on a police officer, public intoxication and obstruction. 

Public Information Officer Sgt. Seymour said there is an ongoing investigation into the incident, as is the case with any incident involving an officer’s use of force, and no further comment could be given until the investigation is complete. 

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