JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A Johns Creek City Councilwoman issued an apology to residents July 27 for any misunderstanding that may have come from a resolution she co-sponsored encouraging in-person learning to the Fulton County School District.

The measure was co-sponsored by Councilwoman Stephanie Endres and Councilman Chris Coughlin.

District officials announced in mid-July that, contrary to earlier plans, classrooms will not be open to in-person learning when school resumes later this month. The district had earlier floated a plan whereby families had a choice of either in-class or remote learning this fall. But the in-class option was withdrawn shortly after a surge in coronavirus cases surfaced in the Southeast.

Speaking at the council’s work session, Coughlin said that the sole purpose of the resolution was to ask Fulton County Schools to come up with a plan for getting students who wish to attend classes in person back into schools.

“We were not concerned with property values,” he said. “We were not mandating in-person schooling. We were supporting the decision made by the superintendent of Fulton County Schools, but we just asked that he [include] a comprehensive plan.”

Coughlin said backlash over the proposal, and how it was perceived, hit him close to home when his children were mentioned in the flurry of angry comments.

“Call me what you want,” he said, choking back tears, “but stay away from my children.”

The resolution sought from the district a detailed plan with contingencies including other programs to address neglect, abuse, hunger, daycare, respite, grading, outreach to children at risk and instruction materials. The resolution also called for the plan to be backed with sound rationale to inform the families the detailed plans and processes to get students back to schools so families and teachers can prepare, plan and set clear expectations.

In her remarks at the City Council meeting, Endres said she regrets that the purpose and scope of her intentions were misrepresented by the media.

“At the end of the day, all Chris and I were looking for was on the day that the decision was made, every student or parent that had chosen to go either in-person or virtual, everyone had clarity and had facts to make their decisions on,” she said.

The school district decision, Endres said, left parents who had planned to have their children attend class out in the cold with no information to work on.

“So Chris and I merely put together a resolution to highlight the calls that we were receiving and have a voice for those families since the decision was made with no letter or mail or information so those families could effectively make decisions,” she said.

Coughlin asked to withdraw the resolution because the school district had issued a plan that addressed nearly all the issues sought.

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Thank you for hi lighting this resolution. No one wants children to not be in school, we are all in this together against this virus but this won't end until we are all on the same side, fighting this common enemy rather than fighting each other.

Other countries are getting it under control by biting the bullet and doing what is necessary and sadly, America has chosen to only make a feeble attempt at that and we are suffering the consequences. As an example, New Zealand, with a population of about 5 million has not had a new case for several weeks and had only 22 deaths. In contrast, Georgia with a population of 11 million is now at over 4,000 deaths and school systems all across the state are currently reporting hundreds of new infections as the kids go back to school. A 7 year old boy died of the virus this week in south GA. It's not worth the risk to our children, our teachers and their families until the virus is in remission here.

Mr. John Creek

Typical of these sheaple (sheap/people)....Those who are demanding quarantine, distance learning, required masks, etc are the most selfish people in America. They demand tolerance, yet have none for anyone who challenges their media outlet of choice.

Shameful to bring peoples kids into the picture.

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