JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Johns Creek officially terminated its contract with CMEC for work on Buice Road on Aug. 5, after the engineering firm allegedly endangered drivers in the area.

According to the Public Works Department, there was inadequate signage and unqualified traffic control personnel that resulted in at least three near-miss, head-on collisions.

In May, the City Council approved a $590,000 contract with CMEC to remove the speed tables on Buice Road, which were deemed inappropriate for the speed and character of the road, and install other traffic calming measures. 

The new measures were to include roundabouts at Pinehollow Court and Pinewalk Drive and landscaped medians at certain points in the road. The work was supposed to be completed between July 1 and October. As part of the contract, BM&K Construction and Engineering was hired for inspection services. Within eight working days, BM&K alerted the city staff to the safety issues at the site

According to staff reports, the construction crew did not provide adequate signage or certified personnel directing traffic. Within eight days, BM&K and the city documented three near-miss collisions that would have been head-on.

Public Works Director Lynette Baker said CMEC demonstrated “poor judgment” and “poor workmanship.”

The contractors reportedly cut an unmarked AT&T fiber line while prepping to pour new sidewalk. While disrupting utilities can happen in these projects, Baker said, CMEC did not notify the project manager, city or utility company, and poured concrete over the cut line. 

AT&T notified the city to the issue after residents along the road experienced outages in their service. 

The city also found concrete was poured during rainy conditions and will need to be redone.

City staff issued a stop work order on July 19, and last week the council officially terminated the contract. The original contract allowed for immediate termination if the contractor jeopardized the safety of motorists. 

The city reached out to the next lowest bidder on the project, Proterra Development. Proterra agreed to honor their quoted price and make every effort to deliver within the project schedule. 

The City Council approved a new contract with Proterra for $630,000, which is less than the $700,000 budget for the project.  

The vote to terminate the contract was unanimous. Council members Chris Coughlin and John Bradberry voted against the Proterra contract as they voted against the project in May.

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