JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Voters will decide who will fill three Johns Creek City Council seats Nov. 5.

In total, 10 candidates are running, including one incumbent, Councilman Chris Coughlin. In Johns Creek, all City Council members represent the city at-large, and terms are four years. 

The deadline for Johns Creek residents to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 7. Voters can check their registration and locate their polling place at

Early voting will be held Oct. 15 through Nov. 1, and early voting locations will be posted on the Fulton County elections website, Absentee voters can also view application information on the site.

To help inform voters, the Johns Creek Herald asked each of the candidates: 

Why are you running for City Council? 

What experiences or skills would you bring to the city? 

If elected, what would be your top priorities?  

The answers below have been lightly edited for space. 


Post 2

Royce Reinecke

Q1. I am running to improve the effectiveness of our city government. I want to contribute my skills and experience to strengthen project oversight and community engagement to finally deliver on the transportation and parks projects. 

Q2. I bring the most extensive record of participation in and understanding of city issues of all the candidates for Post 2. I offer the experiences and skills of over 40 years of project and executive management in engineering and construction. 

Q3. My top priorities are protecting and improving our schools, our public safety, and our home values. Concerns about traffic, business, arts, zoning, parks, etc., ultimately come back to these priorities. 


Dilip Tunki

Q1. To give back to the community that has supported me and my family for 19 years; To do my part to keep Johns Creek great and explore making it even better.

Q2. Twenty-five years of business experience with engineering are my foundation. My expertise in corporate and community leadership, governance, project management, operations and finance ensure that decisions I make will encompass the growth and long-term plan for the entirety of Johns Creek.

Q3. To enhance the quality of life of people living and working in the city through increasing safety and green space. The first step is to start construction of proposed parks, create economic development by stimulating half-occupied shopping centers and explore technology to make Johns Creek an energy-efficient city.


Brian Weaver

Q1. I want to continue to serve the citizens of Johns Creek in another capacity. After 37 years in law enforcement serving the citizens in Fulton County and the City of Johns Creek, I feel it is a part of in my DNA.

Q2. I will embrace collaboration and transparency within City Council and work with all staff members to get things done with local, state and federal government officials, utilizing my past working relationships and problem-solving and de-escalating skills.

Q3. Safety and security, economic development and quality of life for the citizens of Johns Creek.


Post 4

Marybeth Cooper

Q1. I am running because I care deeply about Johns Creek and wish to contribute to the continued success of our city.

Q2. Until resigning to run for City Council, I was president of the Johns Creek Community Association and served on its board of directors as Zoning Chair since 2017. I am currently vice president of my HOA, after 5 years as president. I am involved with multiple local, state and national charities.

Q3. My priorities include TSPLOST projects and utilizing our Parks Bond. I believe in smart, properly planned development, continued parks and recreation development — utilizing the parks bond to full potential — and finding and implementing proven solutions for road congestion.

Chris Coughlin (I)

Q1. I’d like to finish what I started, which includes increasing government efficiency and fiscal responsibility, implementing novel traffic solutions, supporting strong zoning and preserving our quality of life. 

Q2. As a scientist, I believe a data-first perspective is required. As can be viewed in some of my past initiatives, I’ve saved or earned the city millions of extra dollars while maintaining or increasing our levels of service AND reducing taxes by using data driven decision-making processes. 

Q3. Continued traffic solutions (e.g., intersection prioritization), implementing our parks plan (including multi-modal infrastructure and a Chattahoochee River greenway), and implement our stormwater plan based on basin assessment.


Editor’s note: Two candidates who qualified to run for Post 6, Kent Altom and Adam Thomas, did not respond to our questions. 


Post 6

Erin Elwood

Q1. Creating Johns Creek was a bold, decisive action. In contrast, today, the City Council is crippled by indecision while our parks are unbuilt, our roads grow more crowded and our City Center languishes. Johns Creek will be my home for the next 30 years, and I want action taken so it does not remain a city people drive through on the way to somewhere else.

Q2. As an attorney, I am used to listening to my client and taking action to achieve the result they seek. I have represented government employees who were fired for speaking out against corruption and clients with stormwater issues. 

Q3. Acting on TSPLOST, the park bonds and City Center. 


Judy LeFave

Q1. To use my servant leadership skills and experience to help the residents as Johns Creek grows. As a mother, I want Johns Creek to be a place my children want to come back to with their families. 

Q2. I served as president of the Johns Creek Community Association prior to being appointed to the Johns Creek Planning Commission. These experiences have allowed me to use my zoning knowledge to make recommendations to City Council and has deepened my understanding of the city’s day-to-day governing.

Q3.My top priority would be creating and implementing a city master plan to secure intelligent, meaningful growth throughout the city. The plan would encompass zoning, traffic issues and other infrastructure to prevent overdevelopment and protect green spaces. 


Issure Yang

Q1. I am running to represent and serve the residents of Johns Creek. I want to be their voice on the council. The residents should know that they are being heard and that they have a say in decision making.   

Q2. As an independent business consultant, I have to be extremely organized, efficient and detail oriented. I will research, listen and gather information from different sources and viewpoints to make the best possible solutions for our residents. 

Q3. I would seek cost-effective traffic solutions, a balanced budget and a temporary halt to high-density development to stay within the scope of our Comprehensive Plan. I would support local businesses and make our city government fully transparent.

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