JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — The Johns Creek City Council voted Nov. 16 to move forward with construction improvements at Bell Road at Cauley Creek Park.

Plans call for a single lane roundabout at the intersection of Bell Road and Cauley Creek Park and Old Homestead Trail. The roundabout will include a turn into the new Cauley Creek Park.

The project is estimated to cost around $929,845.

City Councilman Brian Weaver raised concerns that workers must coordinate construction with the other roundabout that is being placed at Rogers Circle South and Bell Road.

Assistant TSPLOST Manager and Project Manager Blane Soloman assured the council that they will try to keep as many lanes open and coordinate with the other projects, but there may be detours as necessary.

Construction is expected to begin in January and last nine months. Soloman explained that the lane will not be closed for the entirety of the project because most of the work will occur on the park side, leaving the existing lane open for a majority of the time.

The council also advanced with another project to place a roundabout at Barnwell Road and Rivermount Parkway.

The $1.1 million project is within the budget set for improvements along the Barnwell Road corridor.

Traffic analysis at the intersection of Barnwell Road and Rivermount Parkway indicated high vehicle speeds on Barnwell Road and insufficient sight distance for drivers to make turns safely from Rivermount Parkway.

The city expects that a roundabout will provide safer travel at the intersection, decreasing the conflict points and lowering speeds along Barnwell Road. Additionally, the roundabout operation should help create gaps in traffic flow, allowing traffic entering and exiting the adjacent neighborhood entrances an opportunity to safely turn.

The city has two other projects within the corridor that are under construction and nearing completion — left turn lane improvements at Barnwell Elementary School and improvements at the Barnwell Road and Jones Bridge Road curve.

Council members said they would like to see evidence of improvements in the speeds and traffic patterns along the corridor after construction is complete. They said the report should include measures of the overall reduction in vehicle speeds for this and similar projects.

Assistant Public Works Director Brian O’Conner said that an evaluation to determine whether safety goals have been met can be performed after the projects are completed.

“We will take a look again at the corridor as a holistic view, and see how traffic has adjusted,” O’Conner said.  “We'll wait a small amount of time, and then we will review the corridor and see how it has been impacted and if there's anything else that we need to do.”

If approved at the next meeting, construction on the Barnwell at Rivermount roundabout is expected to begin in December and last nine months.

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