Milton Zoning Manager, Robyn MacDonald

Robyn MacDonald has been Milton’s zoning manager since the city’s incorporation in 2006.

MILTON, Ga. — Since its incorporation in 2006, only one person has held the position of zoning manager for Milton — Robyn MacDonald.

As zoning manager, MacDonald ensures that applications for development projects adhere to the city’s codes and ordinances. She consults staff and representatives from other departments to ensure projects are developed appropriately and meets with residents and applicants to answer zoning questions.

MacDonald also works with code enforcement staff to assist in investigating and resolving zone ordinance violations and manages the review process for rezoning and use permits.

In addition, she also acts as a subject matter expert, researching and writing reports relating to proposed amendments to Milton’s development codes and ordinances.

And if you attend Milton’s Planning Commission meetings, you have seen MacDonald serves as the staff liaison to the commission.

“By far the most important aspects of my position are the relationships that I have with the citizens, developers, engineers and other stakeholders involved in the development of the city,” MacDonald said. “This enables me to provide the necessary information for the various stakeholders to meet their goals in creating quality development in the city and ensuring that development aligns with the citizens’ vision for Milton.”

Prior to her time with Milton, MacDonald served with Fulton County’s Community Development Department. She earlier held similar positions with Peachtree City and Macon-Bibb County.

She says her background has provided integral experience and knowledge for her position with the city.

“The institutional knowledge from working with Fulton County and the historical knowledge gained from being here in Milton since its inception hopefully makes working with the city easier for our residents and developers,” she said.

And being with Milton for over a decade, earning her a 10-year service award last December, MacDonald takes pride in her position.

“I’m extremely proud to be part of Milton because of the leadership over the years and the ability to use my professional knowledge to provide a better environment for the various stakeholders of the city. The city is a very unique place to live for its citizens and I am very grateful to be a part of it,” she said.

MacDonald attended the University of Cincinnati where she earned a bachelor’s degree in urban planning. She said she also gained valuable city planning experience through a cooperative education program with the cities of Cincinnati and Kettering as well as Hamilton County.

MacDonald has been married to her husband, Mike, for 27 years. She has three children, all high school or college-aged.

She says she loves to travel and is active in her church, as well as the adoption community as her children are from China, Thailand and the U.S.

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