Milton city architect Robert Buscemi

Robert Buscemi (left) is Milton’s city architect and was the lead designer for the new City Hall.

MILTON, Ga. — Milton’s city buildings and structures have a distinct style, and for the past five years creator and manager of that style and vision is city architect Robert Buscemi.

Buscemi has created the design for the Broadwell Pavilion, Bell Memorial Park, Thomas Byrd House historic restoration and most recently spearheaded the design and vision for Milton’s new City Hall.

“Whether you are driving through Milton’s bucolic rural viewsheds or walking through downtown Crabapple, I want people to experience and connect with the iconic Milton sense of place,” Buscemi said.

One of the most important aspects of being city architect is to maintain Milton’s character and identity by integrating new development into the fabric of the historic community, he said.

Being the design “voice” for the city and helping protect the design integrity of the city is satisfying and rewarding, he said. Buscemi’ latest point of pride is the new Milton City Hall.

“When I walk in and I actually see the building being used the way it was designed and the public and staff are interacting in the areas that we created, it is a great feeling. It’s wonderful to see [the building] be successful and well received,” Buscemi said.

The design was to benefit the community as a whole, Buscemi said, and that vision was maintained throughout the design and build process.

“It’s a building that is for the community and all the decisions that were made were to benefit the community,” he said.

In addition to designing government buildings, Buscemi’s responsibilities also include reviewing residential and commercial building within Crabapple and Deerfield where he provides design suggestions and guidance to continue the Milton “look” in each structure.

Buscemi also reviews residential structures along Milton’s roadway viewshed and serves as a subject expert for Milton’s Design Review Board.

Prior to his time designing the look of Milton, Buscemi worked with a design review group for state buildings, served on the American Institute of Architects Board of Directors and was an adjunct professor or architecture and construction management for 10 years. He also worked privately as an architect for 25 years.

Buscemi has been married to his wife for 33 years and they have a son who is a graduate of UGA law school and daughter who is nearing completion at UGA pharmacy school. Buscemi said he enjoys off-roading adventures in his Jeep on the weekends, usually in the north Georgia mountains.

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