FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Since she was hired in March 2002, Forsyth County Director of Personnel Services Pat Carson has loved going to work every day.

Her job started as managing human resources, but through the years she’s adopted the responsibilities of payroll. Her duties are wide in scope and touch every aspect of every department in the county that relates to personnel.

“I love government work,” Carson said. “It’s so rewarding and interesting. Each day is unique. It’s interesting to interface with multiple departments, including the almost 40 here. Each one is unique unto itself, yet part of the larger organization. Each has their own unique challenges.”

Her job includes benefits, compensation and promotions to personal leaves, policy implementation and budgeting. She stays certified to keep her on top of changes and trends in employment law.

“You have to be competitive with other counties and the private sector,” Carson said. “You have to be able to recruit and retain top talent. It’s always exciting when we’re able to take top talented skilled people here. You want to retain them because people make the county work and function. Their skills, knowledge and dedication go into that.”

She enjoys helping employees or groups of employees come up with solutions to problems.

“All of a sudden everyone looks at each other and we’re like, ‘that’ll work. That’s the missing piece we were looking for,’” Carson said. “I find that very rewarding. It’s even more fun when we’re able to collaborate.”

As someone who relishes in her job, Carson said everyone should spend their day doing what they do best with their talents.

“I have a great team that I work with because everybody goes out of their way to make sure we’re there when the employees need us,” Carson said.” It can make for hectic days, but that’s what we’re here for. It’s satisfying when I go home at the end of the day and think of what we accomplished. I do consider it a privilege to work here and work with this great staff.”

In her free time, Carson loves to be outside gardening, including being certified in landscape design. She also has a ham radio license and used to own a motorcycle.

“I’m always digging in the dirt or hauling some type of rock around,” Carson said. “I like being outdoors.”

And she gets to do that because she strongly advocates a work-life balance.

“You can be dedicated to work and feel fulfilled from work,” Carson said. “But it shouldn’t define you and who you are. Some people lose sight of that.”

That’s easy for Carson because she said she respects everyone she works with in all departments.

“Everyone puts their heart in everything they do here at the county,” Carson said. “They all try to do the right thing for the county and citizens. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work.”

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