FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Barb Luth is considering writing a book.

And as supervisor of voter registrations and elections for Forsyth County since 2009, she has her fair share of stories.

Her interesting moments include a voter in a bird mask, being part of the hanging chad fiasco a few years back and witnessing a woman from a nursing home making it to the polls to vote for a female presidential candidate.

She somewhat stumbled into the elections scene when her neighbor asked her to help during a past election. She said she didn’t know what she was getting herself into, but since then she’s been hooked.

“I love elections,” she said. “We always say the elections department is fun. But it’s interesting and you have to keep up with all the laws. There is never a dull moment.”

Sometimes it can be stressful right before a big election.

“You want to make sure everything is right and ready for the public,” Luth said. “We do a really good job here, and I have an excellent team. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Even during down times, there is always something to do.

“We are always registering people and getting ready for elections,” Luth said. “We are starting early for the city of Cumming election next year and the 2018 elections.”

The actual Election Day usually isn’t too hectic for Luth. This year she spent most of her time answering phone calls.

“I always say Election Day is one of my calmest days,” she said. “We didn’t have a lot of problems or irate voters. They were happy they had to wait 15 to 20 minutes.”

The most trying part of Election Day is making sure candidates aren’t campaigning close to polling places. She and her team remain nonpartisan to keep everything clear and straight.

Through the good and bad, she loves being able to help citizens.

“In this office we put a lot of information out to help them vote,” Luth said. “That’s gratifying that in this county we had an almost 83 percent turnout for November’s election. That’s incredible and more than most counties.”

Luth always encourages people to register, get out and vote.

“Start now,” she said. “Don’t wait until the next election.”

For information on voting in Forsyth County, visit

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