Government Go-Getter:

Michele McIntosh-Ross serves as Milton’s long-range planner. She also coordinated the “Welcome to Milton” signs around the city.

MILTON, Ga. — Michele McIntosh-Ross is always looking to the future. As the city’s long-range planner, she manages the city’s comprehensive land use plan and small area vision studies, determining how certain areas of land should be used within the city and what impact they may have on the city’s future.

McIntosh-Ross said the importance of her work lies in documenting the future vision of the city and determining future development and conservation projects.

“Our work is rewarding because you're always focused on the positives and the potential of a community,” McIntosh-Ross said.

Issues and problems will inevitably arise, she said, but it’s primarily about maximizing the city’s potential.

“And potential looks different for each community,” she said. “That’s what makes it so exciting.”

Being the long-range planner comes with a variety of different roles for McIntosh-Ross, who has been with Milton since 2008. She is also responsible for compiling the city’s annual submission for the State of the Capital Improvement Element to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, which gives the city the ability to set its impact fees. McIntosh-Ross implemented the Impact Fees Program, which offsets a portion or all of the costs of providing public services associated with a new or proposed development.

She also serves on the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Regional Land Use Coordinating Committee as well as other development-related committees and groups for the area.

McIntosh-Ross also manages the city’s Green Communities program and the Transfer of Development Rights Program, which allows landowners the ability to waive the right to develop their land and to transfer those development rights to a different parcel of land.

“I'm proud of Milton’s vision for its future and how the community comes together to work toward that vision,” she said. “It will be incredibly rewarding to see Milton's plans come to fruition.”

McIntosh-Ross is a graduate of Georgia State University and has a Master’s Degree in urban and economic geography. Prior to working with Milton, she worked as a planner with the City of Atlanta, Research Atlanta, Inc. and the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.

A mother of two, McIntosh-Ross said she doesn’t have much time for hobbies between tennis tournaments and ballet recitals, but she enjoys managing a garden of berries, grapes, vegetables and fruit trees. She also makes time to visit her home country of Trinidad.

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