Carter Lucas, director of public works

Carter Lucas serves as Milton’s director of public works and assistant city manager.

MILTON, Ga. — Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director Carter Lucas is perhaps most proud of what cannot be seen. What the city has been able to accomplish in its infrastructure, from stormwater systems, road improvements and transportation, much of which is not visible, is a matter of pride for Lucas.

“What the city has accomplished with its infrastructure is a great achievement considering we’ve only been a city for 10 years,” Lucas said.

“Working for a relatively young city like Milton, we have a very unique opportunity to serve and build a community from the ground up. It has been incredibly rewarding to watch the community grow and establish itself,” he said.

Lucas is responsible for operations in stormwater, transportation, capital construction, facilities, inspections and the geographic information system, which aids in creating infrastructure maps of the city.

He also heads the Public Works, Parks and Recreation and Community Development departments in his role as assistant city manager.

In managing multiple departments and responsibilities, coordination among city staff, vendors and contractors is vital to creating and maintaining Milton’s infrastructure. Lucas said there are no “silos” between the city’s various departments and everyone works together with a common goal.

That includes keeping residents informed of projects and potential impacts through the city’s projects and intersections websites.

Staff is also guided by Milton’s overall strategic plan, which Lucas said aligns the goals of the city and is used in consideration for public works projects.

“The development of our strategic plan has helped tremendously to provide the overall guiding document to help keep everyone pointed in the right direction,” Lucas said. “We operate with a relatively lean but highly effective staff. Keeping everyone working on the right things to accomplish our goals is critical in maintaining our efficiency.”

A self-described Navy brat, Lucas is originally from South Carolina, but said his family moved around the country every few years.

After graduating from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s in civil engineering, Lucas began working as a private consultant. In 2001, Lucas joined the fray of the public sector with his role as city engineer for Roswell, a position he held for eight years before joining Milton’s staff.

Lucas enjoys sailing in his free time.

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