MILTON, Ga. — Milton has finalized its second major land acquisition this year, adding 106 acres to the city’s greenspace. 

Milton pulled $3.7 million from its Greenspace Bond funds to purchase the Wolff property in the southwestern area of the city. 

The site features 6,000 square feet of tributary on Little River and a natural pond. It includes a portion of Lackey Road north of Ebenezer Road and is adjacent to the city’s border with Roswell. 

A land survey revealed the total property size was 106 acres, four acres fewer than when the city entered its due diligence period to make the purchase. The final sell price reflected the difference at $35,000 per acre. 

A single family home is located on the property, and the agreement stipulates that the owners can continue to live on the property for up to 12 months and have an option to extend their lease. The owners are retaining a 3-acre parcel for a new home to be built near Lackey Road. 

While the city continues to add undeveloped lands to its reserves, there are currently no plan to develop the Wolff property as a park space. 

“The focus of this acquisition is primarily land conservation of raw greenspace in an effort to prevent further development,” Milton Communications Manager Shannon Ferguson said. “It is certainly possible that the city could pursue a future master planning effort for the property, but right now we are focused on the implementation of the current master plan for the initial greenspace purchase of the former Milton Country Club, the newly adopted Providence Park master plan, and the implementation of the Central Milton Trail Plan. You could say we have a rather full plate at the moment.”

The Wolff property acquisition comes nearly a year after the city spent $5 million in Greenspace Bond funds to purchase 139 acres at the former Milton Country Club. In total, the city has purchased 245 acres of greenspace in 2018.  

City Manager Steve Krokoff said the two large land purchases are the “fruits of Milton taxpayer’s dollars at work,” through the Greenspace Bond. 

“It is important that residents see [these purchases] happening and they are seeing them happen in large form,” Krokoff said. “These are significant investments in greenspace in the City of Milton.”

Residents overwhelmingly approved the $25 million Greenspace Bond in 2016. After its two initial land purchases, the city has approximately $16 million remaining in bond funds. 

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