FORSYTH, Ga.—A local teen is asking for state help in securing safety improvements at an intersection where she nearly died this year. 

Zoe Ordway, 16, and her friends are campaigning for safety improvements at the intersection of Post Road and Bentley Road. 

This August, Ordway was nearly killed in a collision while driving to cross-country practice. She was T-boned while trying to turn left onto busy Post Road from Bentley Road.

The West Forsyth High School athlete spoke to GDOT officials, state and local elected officials and nearly 80 members of the community about the dangerous intersection at a town hall meeting Oct. 16 at the Midway Park Community Building.

Ordway is counting on legislators growing weary of injuries and crashes on the roadways in west Forsyth. 

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office reports the intersection averages a collision at least once a month, often twice. 

The Georgia Department of Transportation agrees the intersection is dangerous, but not dangerous enough for a traffic signal. Instead, GDOT will rebuild the concrete median to prevent left turns onto Post Road. 

The meeting was announced on the Facebook page of State Sen. Greg Dolezal, who represents the majority of Forsyth County in District 27. Questions about future safety measures for the intersection will be the focus of the meeting.  

State Reps. Wes Cantrell (R-22) and Sheri Gilligan (R-24), Forsyth County District 3 Commissioner Todd Levent as well as staff from the Georgia Department of Transportation and Forsyth County government are expected to attend.

A petition carrying 8,500 signatures has appeared online and calls for increased safety measures on Post Road.  

The most recent accident was a two-vehicle collision at Post Road and Pittman Road. Both drivers sustained serious injuries and were transported to local hospitals.

Forsyth County and GDOT announced a collaboration to improve safety on Post Road at both intersections Oct. 4. 

Post Road is slated to be widened from two to four lanes between Ga. 9 and Ga. 20, with the first phase of work scheduled to start in 2028.

GDOT will increase the size of the existing concrete island on the south side of Bentley Road to prevent drivers from making left turns onto Post Road. Work is scheduled to begin before the end of the year, GDOT said.

The county approved a purchase order for a traffic signal at the Pittman Road intersection for no more than $14,850. GDOT will supply the signal. 

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