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Primary looms as early voting nears end

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Primary looms as early voting nears end

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Advance voting ends June 5 for the June 9 primary election.

In addition to the roster of candidates for federal, state and local office, Forsyth County residents who claim party affiliation will also be presented with a series of ballot questions. The questions are posed to give state and local party leaders an indication of support for issues ranging from environmental regulations to gun control.

The Republican ballot includes seven questions, whether the position of County Commission Chair be a countywide, at-large position elected by allof the county’s registered voters.

Another key question drawing interest on the Republican ballot asks whether the Forsyth County Commission should pass a resolution in support of the county becoming a “Second Amendment Protected County.” A Second Amendment Protected County, or Second Amendment sanctuary, is a term used to describe a locality that has adopted policies to prohibit or impede enforcement of certain gun control measures that are considered by some to violate the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Registered Democrats will have 17 questions on their primary ballot, among them a question on whether the County Commission should focus on affordable housing for the elderly, retail and restaurant workers and public safety personnel.

Other questions on the Democrat ballot deal with term limits on elected officials and same-day voter registration which would allow people to register and vote on the same day.



Here are the candidates who qualified:


U.S. Senate

Incumbent Sen. David Perdue is uncontested on the Republican ticket.

Several Democratic candidates will compete to challenge him in the fall. One candidate is running as a Libertarian.

• Sen. David Perdue (incumbent), Republican

• James Knox, Democrat

• Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Democrat

• Sarah Riggs Amico, Democrat

• Marckeith DeJesus, Democrat

• Tricia Carpenter McCracken, Democrat

• Jon Ossoff, Democrat

• Maya Dillard Smith, Democrat

• Shane Hazel, Libertarian

Forsyth Campaign Signs


U.S. Senate

For the seat occupied by Sen. Kelly Loeffler, there will be no vote on June 9. Instead, a nonpartisan primary will be held Nov. 3. There are 21 candidates who qualified for the race: six Republicans, eight Democrats, four independents and one Libertarian, one from the Green Party and one write-in.

All candidates will appear on the same ballot, and if no candidate receives a majority, there will be a runoff between the top two finishers on Jan. 5, 2021.


U.S. House of Representatives, District 7

• Mark Gonsalves, Republican

• Lynne Homrich, Republican

• Renee Unterman, Republican

• Rich McCormick, Republican

• Lisa Noel Babbage, Republican

• Zachary Kennemore, Republican

• Eugene Yu, Republican

• Carolyn Bourdeaux, Democrat

• John Eaves, Democrat

• Nabliah Islam, Democrat

• Zahra Karinshak, Democrat

• Brenda Lopez Romero, Democrat

• Rashid Malik, Democrat


U.S. House of Representatives, District 9

• Michael Boggus, Republican

• Andrew Clyde, Republican

• Matt Gurtler, Republican

• Maria Strickland, Republican

• Kevin Tanner, Republican

• Ethan Underwood, Republican

• Paul Broun, Republican

• Kellie Weeks, Republican

• John K. Wilkinson, Republican

• Devin Pandy, Democrat

• Brooke Siskin, Democrat

• Dan Wilson, Democrat

Forsyth Early Voting line


State Senate, District 27

• Sen. Greg Dolezal (incumbent), Republican

• Brooke Griffiths, Democrat


State Senate, District 51

• Sen. Steve Gooch (incumbent), Republican

• June Krise, Democrat


State House, District 9

• Clint Smith, Republican

• Will Wade, Republican

• Steve Leibel, Republican

• Zach Tumlin, Republican

• Doug Sherrill, Republican

• Tyler Tolin, Republican

• Sharon Ravert, Democrat


State House, District 22

• Rep. Wes Cantrell (incumbent), Republican

• Charles Ravencraft, Democrat

• Bobbi Simpson, Democrat


State House, District 24

• Rep. Sheri Gillian (incumbent), Republican

• Natalie Bucsko, Democrat


State House, District 25

• Todd Jones (incumbent), Republican

• Christa Olenczak, Democrat


State House, District 26

• Lauren McDonald III, Republican

• Jason Boskey, Democrat


Forsyth County Board of Education

District 3

• Tom Cleveland (incumbent), Republican

• Barry S. Herrin, Republican


District 4

• Darla Sexton Light, (incumbent), Republican


District 5

• Lindsey Adams, Republican

• Bibi Lopez, Republican

Forsyth Early Voting

Election staff look on as voters wait in line to cast their ballots. 


Forsyth County Commissioner

District 2

• Alfred John, Republican


District 4

• Cindy Jones Mills (incumbent), Republican

• Kenny Anderson, Republican

• Amy Barfield, Republican

• Brandy Bevis, Republican


District 5

• Laura Semanson (incumbent), Republican 


Forsyth County Sheriff

• Ron H. Freeman (incumbent), Republican 


Forsyth County Coroner

• Paul W. Holbrook, Republican

• Ted Paxton, Republican


Clerk of Superior Court

• Greg G. Allen


Tax Commissioner

• Matthew C. Ledbetter



There are two seats contested on the Georgia Supreme Court and six uncontested seats on the ballot for judgeships on the Court of Appeals of Georgia.


Local court seats on the ballot include:


Judge of Superior Court, Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit

• David L. Dickinson


Chief Magistrate

• Walker H. Bramblett


Chief Judge, State Court of Forsyth County

• T. Russell McClelland III

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