Model aviators group seeks lease extension

Dear Forsyth County Commissioners,

I am writing in regard to the Georgia Model Aviators Model Airplane Flying field property leased from Forsyth County.

I am a past and very appreciative radio control model flyer and I am asking that you do not terminate the Georgia Model Aviators flying site lease because it is one of the best flying sites in the United States. Georgia Model Aviators supports grade school student programs, the Boy Scouts of America, Disabled Veterans organizations and host many aviation contests attended by people from across the country and constantly reaches out to the community through air shows and exhibitions.

This flying site has not cost the county any money. The Georgia Model Aviators membership has contributed over $250,000 to develop this former earthworm farm into a premier model aviation facility.

Georgia Model Aviators is a continuous, positive influence in the Forsyth County community. The world we are raising our children in has many latch key kids, whose entertainment is video games, MTV and the internet. We offer a positive, wholesome alternative of learning about, constructing and flying at our field.

Model Aviation is an activity where families can and do participate together. Yes, many of our airplanes make noise, similar to lawnmowers and weed eaters whose engines are distantly related to those in our airplanes. We make less noise than motorcycles going down the street or emergency vehicle sirens whose sounds are accepted and acceptable. In addition many of our pilots currently fly electric systems which are virtually noiseless. We also provide a path to develop skills, a sense of accomplishment and achievement and community for young and old alike. We are an activity and hobby whose benefits far exceed any of the drawbacks that have been mentioned regarding our activities. I would also offer and suggest that an activity of this type certainly meets the goals of parks and should be welcome as such for the benefit of the county.

I hope that you will consider the positive impact of Georgia Model Aviators to the county and surrounding communities, our positive impact to young lives, our respect for the property you have entrusted to us and our love of aviation and preservation of its heritage as reasons to continue your lease.

Best regards,

Paul Grayson


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