Forsyth change orders

Forsyth County is in the midst of major improvements on Pilgrim Mill Road and Pilgrim Mill Circle, including a bridge reconstruction.

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — The Forsyth Board of Commissioners approved change orders totaling $164,490.25 at their July 18 meeting. 

The first part of the change orders was for improvements to guardrails for the Pilgrim Mill Circle project. The guardrails will have a powder coated treatment, giving them a ruddy, brownish color as opposed to the standard, gray metal look. This improvement was requested by citizens to Commissioner Molly Cooper before the July 9 work session. 

Those in Pilgrim Mill Circle subdivisions have had to deal with a lot of construction near their entrance recently, and making left turns out of Pilgrim Mill Circle has been difficult.

“They have begged for a traffic light,” Cooper said. “It’s just not going to happen.”

This small guardrail improvement was a way to provide and make good with those community members, she said, because a traffic light won’t be possible for them.  

The powder coating should last 10 to 20 years, Forsyth officials said. There could be slight complications when sections of the guardrail have to be replaced in the future. If a segment were hit by a car and had to be replaced, there would need to be a stockpile of powder coated guardrails to fill in until a newly coated piece could be installed, Director of Engineering John Cunard said. Otherwise, a standard guardrail would fill in, and it wouldn’t match the rest of the section, he said. 

Commissioner Todd Levent asked whether this type of guardrail had been installed anywhere else in the county. He said that if they added it for this community, the board may later have to pay to make this improvement for large portions of the county.

The other change orders are for the bridge that is a part of the Pilgrim Mill Road project. This was originally a bridge widening, but is now a bridge reconstruction, Commissioner Laura Semanson said. 

The adjustment added to the original cost, and improvements include added street lights, a chiseled stone wall feature and a fence. At one point there was a proposal to have “pimped out” gateways for McFarland, Semanson said, but instead the board is focusing on enhancing the interchanges that they have now. The gateway will also have branding with its name featured, similar to the Holly Springs bridge. 

Both change orders passed by a vote of 4-0 with Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills absent.

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