This is a Consolidated Sample Ballot which contains all candidates for the Nov. 6 General Election. Candidates for the U.S. Congress, State Senate, State Representative, County Commissioner and County Board of Education are elected by district. Your ballot will contain only races in your Districts that are up for election this year. To determine which races will be on your ballot go to or check your voter registration precinct card for your district information.


Governor (Vote One)

Brian Kemp (R)

Stacey Abrams (D)

Ted Metz (L)


Lieutenant (Vote One)

Geoff Duncan (R)

Sarah Riggs Amico (D)


Secretary Of State (Vote One)

Brad Raffensperger (R)

John Barrow (D)

Smythe Duval (L)


Attorney General (Vote One)

Chris Carr (Incumbent) (R)

Charlie Bailey (D)


Commissioner Of Agriculture (Vote One)

Gary Black (Incumbent) (R)

Fred Swann (D)


Commissioner Of Insurance (Vote One)

Jim Beck (R)

Janice Laws (D)

Donnie Foster (L)


State School Superintendent (Vote One)

Richard Woods (Incumbent) (R)

Otha E. Thornton, Jr. (D)


Commissioner Of Labor (Vote One)

Mark Butler (Incumbent) (R)

Richard Keatley (D)


Public Service Commissioner

(To Succeed Chuck Eaton) (Vote One)

Chuck Eaton (Incumbent) (R)

Lindy Miller (D)

Ryan Graham (L)


Public Service Commissioner

(To Succeed Tricia Pridemore) (Vote One)

Tricia Pridemore (Incumbent) (R)

Dawn A. Randolph (D)

John Turpish (L)


U.S. Representative In 116th Congress From The 7th Congressional District Of Georgia (Vote One)

Rob Woodall (Incumbent) (R)

Carolyn Bourdeaux (D)

U.S. Representative In 116th Congress From The 9th Congressional District Of Georgia (Vote One)

Doug Collins (Incumbent) (R)

Josh Mccall (D)


State Senator From 27th District (Vote One)

Greg Dolezal (R)

Steve Smith (D)


State Senator From 51st District (Vote One)

Steve Gooch (Incumbent) (R)


State Representative In The General Assembly From 9th District (Vote One)

Kevin Tanner (Incumbent) (R)


State Representative In The General Assembly From 22nd District (Vote One)

Wes Cantrell (Incumbent) (R)

Charles Ravenscraft (D)


For State Representative In The General Assembly From 24th District (Vote For One)

Sheri Smallwood Gilligan

(Incumbent) (R)


State Representative In The General Assembly From 25th District

(Vote For One)

Todd Jones (Incumbent) (R)

Anita Holcomb Tucker (D)


State Representative In The General Assembly From 26th District

(Vote For One)

Marc Morris (Incumbent) (R)


For Solicitor General (Vote For One)

Bill Finch (Incumbent) (R)


County Commissioner District 1

(Vote For One)

Molly Cooper (R)


County Commissioner District 3

(Vote For One)

Todd Levent (Incumbent) (R)


County Board Of Education District 1 (Vote For One)

Wes Mccall (R)


County Board Of Education District 2 (Vote For One)

Kristin Morrissey (Incumbent) (R)


Upper Chattahoochee River Soil And Water Conservation District Supervisor (Vote For One)

Leonard W. Ridings (Incumbent)

Proposed Constitutional Amendments


1. Creates the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund to protect water quality, wildlife habitat, and parks.

House Resolution No. 238 Resolution Act No. 414 Ga. L. 2018, p. 1138 

“Without increasing the current state sales tax rate, shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to create the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund to conserve lands that protect drinking water sources and the water quality of rivers, lakes, and streams; to protect and conserve forests, fish, wildlife habitats, and state and local parks; and to provide opportunities for our children and families to play and enjoy the outdoors, by dedicating, subject to full public disclosure, up to 80 percent of the existing sales tax collected by sporting goods stores to such purposes without increasing the current state sales tax rate?”




2. Creates a state-wide business court to lower costs, enhance efficiency, and promote predictable judicial outcomes.

House Resolution No. 993 Resolution Act No. 410 Ga. L. 2018, p. 1130

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to create a state-wide business court, authorize superior court business court divisions, and allow for the appointment process for state-wide business court judges in order to lower costs, improve the efficiency of all courts, and promote predictability of judicial outcomes in certain complex business disputes for the benefit of all citizens of this state?”




3. Encourages the conservation, sustainability, and longevity of Georgia’s working forests through tax subclassification and grants.

House Resolution No. 51 Resolution Act No. 297 Ga. L. 2018, p. 1127

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to revise provisions related to the subclassification for tax purposes of and the prescribed methodology for establishing the value of forest land conservation use property and related assistance grants, to provide that assistance grants related to forest land conservation use property may be increased by general law for a five-year period and that up to 5 percent of assistance grants may be deducted and retained by the state revenue commissioner to provide for certain state administrative costs, and to provide for the subclassification of qualified timberland property for ad valorem taxation purposes?”




4. Provides rights for victims of crime in the judicial process.

Senate Resolution No. 146 Resolution Act No. 467 Ga. L. 2018, p. 1139

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide certain rights to victims against whom a crime has allegedly been perpetrated and allow victims to assert such rights?”




5. Authorizes fair allocation of sales tax proceeds to county and city school districts.

Senate Resolution No. 95 Resolution Act No. 278 Ga. L. 2017, p. 857

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to authorize a referendum for a sales and use tax for education by a county school district or an independent school district or districts within the county having a majority of the students enrolled within the county and to provide that the proceeds are distributed on a per student basis among all the school systems unless an agreement is reached among such school systems for a different distribution?”






A. Provides for a homestead exemption for residents of certain municipal corporations.

House Bill No. 820 Act No. 346 Ga. L. 2018, p. 235

“Do you approve a new homestead exemption in a municipal corporation that is located in more than one county, that levies a sales tax for the purposes of a metropolitan area system of public transportation, and that has within its boundaries an independent school system, from ad valorem taxes for municipal purposes in the amount of the difference between the current year assessed value of a home and the adjusted base year value, provided that the lowest base year value will be adjusted yearly by 2.6 percent?”




B. Provides a tax exemption for certain homes for the mentally disabled.

House Bill No. 196 Act No. 25

Ga. L. 2017, p. 55 

“Shall the Act be approved which provides an exemption from ad valorem taxes on nonprofit homes for the mentally disabled if they include business corporations in the ownership structure for financing purposes?”






Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (Vote for One)

Shall a special one percent sales and use tax be continued in the special district of Forsyth County for a period of time of six years for the raising of approximately $274,000,000 for the purpose of funding (a) (i) roads, streets, bridges and sidewalks, (ii) park and recreation, (iii) public safety (sheriff), (iv) public safety (fire), (v) senior service, (vi) water and sewer, (vii) administrative, (viii) library, (ix) storm water/drainage, (x) animal service and (xi) veterans’ memorial, all for the benefit of Forsyth County and (b) (i) roads, streets, bridges, parking and sidewalks, including a bypass and (ii) Dobbs Creek Recreation Center, all for the benefit of the City of Cumming, Georgia? If imposition of the tax is approved by the voters, such vote shall also constitute an approval of the issuance of general obligation debt of Forsyth County in the maximum principal amount of $100,000,000 for the purposes of funding all or a portion of any County projects, capitalized interest on the debt and the costs of issuing the debt.




Extending Hours for Sunday Sales of Alcohol by the Drink (Vote for One)

Shall the governing authority of Forsyth County, Georgia be authorized to permit and regulate Sunday sales of distilled spirits or alcoholic beverages for beverage purposes by the drink from 11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.?



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