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CUMMING, Ga. — On Sunday, Nov. 3, most Americans will set their clocks back an hour as daylight saving time ends and a coveted extra hour of sleep is enjoyed by many. 

Daylight Saving Time begins in the U.S. on the second Sunday in March, when people move their clocks forward one hour. It ends the first Sunday in November. 

March 8, 2020 will start the cycle that’s credited to Benjamin Franklin, who decided that resetting clocks in the summer months was a way to conserve energy.   

Research has also suggested that with more daylight in the evenings, there are fewer traffic accidents, as there are fewer cars on the road when it’s dark outside. More daylight also could mean more outdoor exercise. 

One thing is clear. Changing clocks is a reminder to change the batteries in smoke detectors. 

The time change that occurs twice a year is always a great opportunity to ensure that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home or business are ready for duty, Forsyth County Fire Department Division Chief Jason Shivers said.

“If your alarms are designed with replaceable batteries, then the time change is an ideal time to swap out those batteries with fresh ones,” Shivers said. “If your unit is a sealed unit, ensure that it is within its manufacturer approved lifespan. Regardless, all smoke alarms should be replaced within 10 years of their date of manufacture.”

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