Bald Ridge

The renovation at the Bald Ridge Lodge included the Visitation Room where residents can spend time with family members in a homelike setting. With neutral tones, comfortable furniture and tasteful appointments, the space provides a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to healing.


CUMMING, Ga. — Real estate agents of Keller Williams Community Partners typically sell homes, but in a recent instance they were the force behind a home renovation. 

Jacqueline Arthur’s team at Keller Williams and Adam Rhodes of North Point Mortgage have been instrumental in funding the recent renovation of Bald Ridge Lodge, the temporary home of young males, aged 12-21.

“Adam introduced me to Bald Ridge Lodge,” Arthur said, and she quickly found the boys tugging at her heart strings. 

After spending some time volunteering with the organization, Arthur went back to her team and told them, “We need to step up.

And they did. 

Seed money began to grow and soon funds were available for the renovation.

“We needed more space so this will make it even better,” Bald Ridge Lodge Executive Director Heidi Snarey said. “We had a porch and so we just built on that. We didn’t change the roofline, we just added to what we had.”

The success of the Lodge is literally a group effort. 

“To be successful we can’t do it without partners,” Snarey said. “We appreciate the community we live in. Businesses offer us a discount then they come back and say no, it’s covered.

Bald Ridge Lodge has been successful in providing a “home-like environment” since 2008 to young men referred by the local juvenile court or who DFCAS has removed from their home. Snarey says the recent expansion will help.

“Nobody wants to live in a group home, and nobody wants to be taken away from their parents or family,” Snarey said. “Our mission is to give families that therapeutic home-like environment.”

The residents are “not here for what they did, but for what happened when someone else’s life took a wrong turn”, she explained. 

“It’s amazing to watch the transformation from when they first come to when they leave,” Snarey said. “We offer daily life skills, tutoring and a stable home-like environment to help get them back on their feet.”

Snarey said Bald Ridge Lodge can now provide an aftercare room, an in-take area and designated counseling space because of the renovation.

Bald Ridge Lodge, Inc., is a non-profit stabilization and assessment center for boys located in Forsyth County, Georgia that focuses on family reunification and restoration through partnerships with referring agencies and families.

You can learn more about the home and how to contribute to its success by visiting

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