FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Deputies and civilians who stood out in 2018 for their bravery and hard work were honored Feb. 19 at the annual awards ceremony for the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Many officers were given commendation bars, including:

• Sgt. Christina Vickers

• Deputy Nathan Greene 

• Deputy Tisha Sam

• Civilian Jonathan Baylin

• Deputy 1st Class Bob Abanto

• Deputy 1st Class Michael Hobbs

• Deputy 1st Class Matt Pittman

• Deputy Blake Couch

• Deputy 1st Class Lisa Walnut

Four deputies were bestowed with Life Saving Awards, including Deputy Caitlin Tomalka, Deputy Brian McKenzie, Deputy Zachary Dobleman and Deputy Connor Johnson.

Other awards included:

• Medal of Merit 1st Lt. James Poe 

• Medal of Merit Deputy 1st Class John Crane 

• Medal of Merit Deputy 1st Class Ken Haney 

• Jail Bureau Civilian of the Year: Jonathan Baylin

• Jail Bureau Deputy of the Year: Deputy George Brooks

• Sheriff’s Services Bureau Civilian

of the Year: Donald Clavier

• Sheriff’s Services Bureau Deputy

of the Year: Sgt. Josh Bell

• Law Enforcement Bureau Civilian

of the Year: Mariko Fujimara

• Law Enforcement Bureau Deputy

of the Year: Cpl. Kevin Pittman

• Volunteer of the Year: Ray Welch

Several people were promoted during the event, including:

Lieutenant: Tom Moore

1st Sergeant: Mike Garrison

Sergeant: Josh Bell, Mike Nelson, Nicole Greaves, Rodney Pirkle, Tyler Sexton, Christina Vickers

Corporal: Jason Burndrett, James Cutcliff, Andrew Day, Richard Funkhouser, Philip Kelley, Drew Long, Corey Miller, Joseph Morris, Rodney Pirkle, Kevin Pittman, Brian Sadler

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