Wall of Shame

Bell Memorial Park Wall of Champions

I was walking by the wall of plaques at Bell Memorial park with my daughter for the first time in six months when she looked up and asked me why her friends plaque for winning the 2019 middle school lacrosse state championship for the Milton feeder team still wasn’t on the wall.  I initially dismissed it as typical political “slowness” but as I closely inspected the wall I noticed a few glaring omission and issues.  The wall overwhelmingly represents city of Milton boys recreation accomplishments (with a huge focus on recreation baseball) but not girls (girls have 4% of the wall).  I counted all of the plaques and the Hopewell boys teams have almost 80% of the wall covered.  This includes accomplishments for these boys teams from last Spring and last Fall even though the local girls teams had won a statewide championship event during the same time period.  In addition, the wall that the tax payers have paid for seems to have turned into a Hopewell Recreation Baseball trophy room.   Hopewell Baseball should have one small corner of the wall for rotating their Spring  and Fall winners.  Having daughters I am extremely sensitive to making sure my girls get a fair shake especially with today’s hashtag society. A casual observer may say “maybe there are just more boys programs available and that is why they are so poorly acknowledged.”  I know the local Milton girls recreation lacrosse program has some of the most successful teams in the state with dozens that compete each fall and spring so why are none of these teams recognized on the wall?  Are there local girls basketball teams, softball teams or other teams with accomplishments we should recognize?  I don’t have the answers but I do think it is time we turned the “wall of shame” into a “wall of same”.

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Milton laxer

[thumbup] The Boys Baseball club also takes all the turf field space from the girls. #girlsdontmatter?


Shame, why dont people learn? #girlsmatter2

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