Hazel Minx

Hazel Minx Salon in the Fresh Market along Old Alabama Road has donated to silent auctions for different charity organizations.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Hazel Minx Salon opened just five months ago and has already made strong ties with the community. 

The luxury salon in the Fresh Market along Old Alabama Road has donated to silent auctions for different charity organizations including the Ahimsa House, which helps abused women, the St. Bridgett Catholic Church and the Perimeter School. The salon also donated haircuts to Mount Pisgah’s special needs prom, St. Ives Country Club’s tennis charity event, the Voila Foundation during Roswell’s Mardi Gras celebration and provided hair services for a Miss Pre-Teen Pageant.

The baskets they donate include keratin treatment, flat irons, shampoos, make-up and other hair care products worth up to $700 a basket, and bidding can go as high as $1,500. 

Owner Kelly Owens said she wants to make an impact on the community after the previous salon she worked at did not. 

“I’m in charge now, so I want to do something different,” she said. “Because we didn’t do any of that, it was like, ‘come in and do hair.’ They didn’t train their staff to go out and get involved.”

Hazel Minx has focused on partnering with area schools, including a special teambuilding exercise they put on for teachers. In the exercise, local teachers can come in, pair off in teams of two, get a crash course of the salon’s products and procedures and give each other haircuts and other treatment, Owens said. 

The team that performs the best also gets a basket of haircare products, and each teacher gets a discount for their next visit. 

The salon also has a special Neighborhood of the Month promotion. Clients can nominate a neighborhood by writing what makes it special. Residents of the winning neighborhood can receive discounts for the rest of the month. May’s nominee was Chartwell, down the street from the salon. 

They initially found people and which neighborhoods they were from through the Nextdoor app to figure out which neighborhood to nominate. 

“All we’ve been doing is just working for nothing,” Owens said. 

Owens said they choose to partner with other businesses and community events to get their name out. They have also donated haircuts for a recent Girl Scout father/daughter dance, the Barnwell Elementary School carnival and co-hosted Hotworx’s grand opening in their same shopping center. The salon also plans to partner with the Special Olympics this summer.

They have a promotion for client’s businesses, where clients can put their business card in a bag for a chance to win a surprise visit to their office with gift bags and discounts that month. They show up at their office with flowers, gifts and embarrass them, Owens said. 

The salon would also like to do something for animals at some point, said Owens, who lets her own French bulldog hang out in the salon while she works. Hazel Minx has donated gift baskets to the Atlanta Humane Society, but she would like to do more this summer, she said. 

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