Milton Police Chief Rich Austin speaks at an MPACT Town Hall meeting in 2017. 

MILTON, Ga. — Milton Police will host four town hall meetings this year to connect residents with the agency and its MPACT officers. The meetings will be this week with a separate event for each of the city’s four MPACT areas, including the Deerfield, Crabapple, Birmingham and Hopewell districts.

MPACT, or Milton Police and Citizens Together, assigns officers to each of the city’s geographic areas to serve as liaisons to residents and who can be contacted directly by citizens. 

Milton Capt. Charles Barstow said the meetings are informal but informative and important on many levels. That includes keeping officers in contact with residents, informing the community of the latest crime trends and safety techniques and holding the department accountable for ensuring criminal activity is dealt with effectively. 

“It also allows our officers to be approached in a setting that is a little more relaxed and informal, which shows Milton that our officers as normal everyday people just like them,” Barstow said. 

Milton Police began the meetings in 2017 and they have been well attended by residents. The feedback on the department has been positive, Barstow said. 

“I don’t ever recall hearing a negative remark or receiving any negative feedback from anyone who has attended one of our MPACT Town Hall meetings,” Barstow said. “Milton residents show consistent satisfaction with the efforts of their police department.”

Barstow said residents should always call 911 for any issues where there is a danger to life or property, but the MPACT meetings can help officers address ongoing or quality of life concerns.

“I am quite certain that we have resolved numerous traffic complaints in each MPACT zone based on information received at an MPACT Town Hall meeting,” he said.

With four distinct areas in the city, including the rural Birmingham area and the more dense and commercial Deerfield district, the segmentation of the meetings allows officers to focus on more localized issues. 

“We realized that breaking down the town hall meetings into specific zones allowed us to provide the attention to resident concerns at a more personal level,” Barstow said. “This type of interaction provides a  level of service that you won’t find with many other police departments and lends itself to a more cohesive and collaborative approach to keeping our community safe and the quality of life exceptional.”

Residents can find out which MPACT zone they live in and more information about the program by visiting 

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