Milton Latin Club

Milton students celebrate their high placement at the state convention for the Georgia Junior Classical League. 

MILTON, Ga. — Two dozen Milton High School juniors and seniors competed and placed at the Georgia Junior Classical League state convention April 12-14.  

The Georgia Junior Classical League hosts an annual, statewide convention at Rock Eagle. Schools from all over Georgia participate in a variety of activities such as academic tests on subjects ranging from Latin grammar to classical art, sport games and a talent show. 

Milton students hold meetings to prepare for the array of competitions offered. They create projects to submit to the art competitions and practice playing certamen, a Latin trivia game.

At the state convention, schools engage in competitions on spirit, publicity and more.

Milton students chant loudly in lines, wear school T-shirts and hold banners to raise school spirit. 

They also walk in a Procession, which is a tradition that Romans performed after victories at war. Students walk around the Rock Eagle Retreat in togas with a yearly theme. This year, students dressed up as pirates. 

The Procession leads into the General Assembly where schools do roll calls and listen to any updates at the convention.

The 24 students who went to the convention won 39 ribbons, placing from fifth to first in tests and art competitions. Each ribbon counts for a certain number of points, depending on the award, which add up by school for school-wide competitions. 

This year, Milton placed third overall for the medium school size rank. They also placed second in school spirit and fifth for publicity.

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