halcyon mural

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — Maryanne Garrido said seeing a large mural at Halcyon inspired by her design was “unforgettable” and “out of this world.”

A rising senior at Alliance Academy for Innovation, Garrido’s artwork was selected from a pool of over 40 submissions for Halycon’s student art wall challenge. The mixed-use complex recently unveiled the mural created by local artist Meg Mitchell. It measures 8-foot-tall and 29-foot-wide and is located on a wall adjacent to retailer Kilwins.

Garrido’s design, “Together in Harmony,” features a large tree, several birds and musical notes appearing to float in the air, along with “Halcyon” in large letters. An acoustic guitar serves as the “trunk” of the tree, with ropes serving as supports for a swing.

Mitchell, of Everlong Creative, took Garrido’s design and made it interactive with the inclusion of a 3D bench that acts as the seat for the rope swing.   

Garrido said she is a singer, and music served as the inspiration for her composition. 

“I’ve learned the whole world is made up of beautiful melodies,” she said. “When creating my design, I knew I wanted to make something that touches the hearts of everyone who sees it. I wanted to show the beauty of nature and the beautiful music that surrounds us.”

Garrido already had a passion for the arts, and she said seeing her design inspire the mural furthered her dreams of being a graphic designer.

“This piece means so much to me because it's my first design out there in my community, and I know that many people will love the message behind it,” she said. “It makes me happy knowing that so many families are going to take pictures in front of the mural and share it with their loved ones.”

Holding the announcement under her hat was a challenge.

“I remember telling my parents, and they told me, ‘Let’s wait and announce it when it’s complete.’” Garrido said. “I was counting down the days, and when the day finally came, I was so excited. I felt so proud that I was able to represent myself, my family and my school.”

In winning the design contest, Garrido won a prize pack that included items from Halycon retailers, including Kilwins, Popbar, Pharaoh Nail Spa and Lizard Thicket. Halcyon will also display other submissions for the contest on the TV monitors in Market Hall through the summer.

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