Ted Lynam

Ted Lynam was recently named 2020 Volunteer of the Year for Emory Johns Creek Hospital Auxiliary.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A longtime volunteer was recently honored for his contributions at Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

“I don’t do volunteer work for getting an award,” said Ted Lynam, the 2020 Volunteer of the Year. “It’s an honor.”

Lynam has been volunteering at the hospital for 10 years after his first-hand experience he had with the care and dedication of its staff. In 2009, Lynam spent a week in the hospital following an operation on a blood clot.

“They took such great care of me, and a friend of mine was a head of the Emory Johns Creek Hospital Auxiliary [nonprofit organization],” Lynam said. “That’s where it all started.”

The volunteer work quickly became a passion for Lynam, who went from volunteering for a couple of hours a week to becoming the treasurer of the Auxiliary, where he took over operations of the hospital’s gift shop.

At first, Lynam said, the gift shop was in dire need of some changes.

“It was not a very well-run gift shop,” Lynam said. “We went from an $80,000 business to a $200,000 business last year. It became a very nice gift shop, and a lot of the credit goes to the president. He brought in retail experience, and I brought in some financial experience.”

All of the profits from the Auxiliary go to the hospital, community and scholarships for medical students as well as hospital employees for specialized courses.

Lynam increased his commitment after he retired at age 66.

“I don’t look at retirement as sitting back, playing golf all of the time or going to the beach,” Lynam said. “I keep active every day of the week. That way, I don’t think about getting older.”

Outside of volunteering, Lynam stays active at Alpharetta Presbyterian Church, where he is involved in multiple committees and subcommittees. 

“I try to contribute to the life that goes forward,” Lynam said. “I’ve got 10 grandkids, and I would like to see them enjoy the same kind of life that I’ve had. In doing that, you stay involved.”

Julia Grochowski is a Reporter with Appen Media Group and covers Roswell.

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