JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Neighborhoods throughout the area celebrated students graduating to the next level in their lives last week in events organized by parents, teachers and friends.

Residents of the Wellington Community in Johns Creek lined the streets of their neighborhood May 16 to honor students graduating from elementary, middle and high school.

Kevin Stocks, who helped organize the event, said residents thought it was important to do something to celebrate such a milestone.

Students, many dressed in cap and gown, began gathering around the Wellington clubhouse around 10 a.m. to form for the procession.

Residents stood on porch steps, sat in chairs in driveways or merely strolled along the streets to follow the procession, which included about two dozen vehicles, brightly decorated with balloons and writing. Students, some poking out of sunroofs or aligned in pickup truck beds, waved to onlookers along the route.

Stocks said the neighborhood decided to host the event because young people deserve some recognition as they pass major milestones. Also, organizers were worried that by the time schools organized some sort of recognition event, some of the graduates may have moved on to college campuses or job commitments. That leaves it to friends and families, he said.

“You’ve got to do something,” Stocks said.

The advice wasn’t lost on Alex Welch, a 2019 graduate of Chattahoochee High School. Welch sat with his family in the front yard of their home as the stream of cars passed. He said he had scores of visitors who celebrated at his home last year when he graduated.

He said he wanted to give his due to the Class of 2020.

“I’m here to support those who didn’t get a chance this year,” he said.

Not far away, parents of seniors graduating Northview High School held their own event — this one featuring some 100 vehicles that began shortly after noon and wound through Glenhurst, Seven Oaks and about a dozen other neighborhoods. The procession was so large, they split into three groups, each with their own route through the subdivisions.

Administrators and teachers from Northview High School, River Trail Middle School and Wilson Creek Elementary also turned out to honor the students celebrating their achievements.

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