Johns Creek Girl Scout Aditi

Aditi Mohan spreads awareness for healthy eating at her booth at the Johns Creek Fall Festival at Newtown Park on Saturday, Oct. 26.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Aditi Mohan, a 15 year-old Girl Scout from Troop 70022 and sophomore at Chattahoochee High School, is shooting high for her Gold Project. 

Mohan has taken her passion for healthy eating and spread awareness throughout the community. The project is entitled “Nutrition That Sticks” and promotes the importance of applying a beneficial daily diet to your lifestyle. Mohan has traveled to a number of public events and festivals throughout Johns Creek providing information about healthy food alternatives for local residents. Her most recent appearance was at a booth at the Johns Creek Fall Festival at Newtown Park on Saturday, Oct. 26.

“I was brainstorming for my Gold Award ideas and I was really thinking about what was important to me,” she said. “My family has had a history of Type 2 diabetes. My mom was diagnosed at a really young age, as was my grandfather, both in their early 30s.”

Maintaining a healthy diet each day can make a big difference in your quality of life, she said, so spreading the word is important.

Although the project only requires her to make an impact within her own community, she has decided to go above and beyond for her cause and bring awareness outside of the United States. With her family roots in India, Mohan will also work with an Indian non-profit organization that provides food for lower class patients in government hospitals. Mohan hopes to ensure that the food delivered will have helpful nutrition stickers that break down the basic nutrition of everything consumed. She is currently striving to raise $100 to cover her expenses in India for arranging the workshops. 

“I have had a lot of great support from my advisers helping me create the content…my parents who help me find the locations,” Mohan said. “There are ways to eat healthier on a low budget. We’re trying to bring some of that awareness out because I know it is hard to eat healthier when you’re on a limited budget, and that is a problem that many people have. We’re trying to give them ways and show them…ways to prepare food that are lower cost.”

Having joined Scouts in fourth grade, Mohan has always maintained a desire to make an impact in the world around her. Based on her family history and the success of the project, she hopes to pursue a career path in medicine and nutrition and continue promoting a healthy routine. 

When asked about the fundamentals of starting a healthier lifestyle, Mohan simply explained that it is best to tackle different areas of your diet that require improvement for a more gradual change as opposed to going “cold turkey” overnight. 

Smita Mohan, Aditi’s mother, can attest.

“Whenever I eat something wrong, she points to me and says, ‘You know mama, I am doing the project and you have to be on the right track,’” she said. “So I am improving and my whole family is gaining something which is starting from the home. She’s really trying to reach each and every one, so I am really proud of her.

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