Emory Johns Creek CEO cuts ribbon

Emory Johns Creek CEO Marilyn Margolis cuts the ribbon on the hospital’s new nuclear medicine unit.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A new nuclear medicine department is now open to patients at Emory Johns Creek Hospital. 

“We’re delighted to add another nuclear medicine unit to our facility to offer patients the highest quality diagnostic imaging and provide the best possible care and convenience,” Hospital CEO Marilyn Margolis said.

Nuclear medicine uses radioactive material in the body to assess and treat conditions. The new unit includes an eight-slice, single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) CT scanner and nuclear medicine camera

“Unlike traditional imaging, nuclear medicine captures what’s happening in the body at the cellular level,” said Dr. Howard Fleishon, director of Community Radiology Specialists and Emory Johns Creek’s chief of radiology services.

The technology allows clinicians to diagnose disease more precisely in a single imaging procedure. It assists physicians and clinicians in diagnosing disease at its earliest stage, including treatments for hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer. 

“The new camera offers finer resolution and contrast, which enhances pathology compared to our previous camera,” director of Imaging Chrystal Barnes said. “It’s like moving from a Polaroid camera to a digital camera.”.

The new console also allows physicians to review scans remotely from their mobile devices. This offers quicker collaboration, improved productivity and saves time for patients and staff. 

Dozens gathered to celebrate the addition on Oct. 23. For more information about radiology services at Emory Johns Creek, call 678-474-7000 or visit emoryhealthcare.org/johnscreek.

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