Cancer survivors and caregivers offer support to cancer patients at CanCare’s celebration of National Cancer Survivor Day.

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — “A survivor by your side,” is the motto of CanCare walking alongside cancer patients during their journey. 

CanCare is a nonprofit organization that supports cancer patients and their caregivers through a network of volunteers. The volunteers are cancer survivors or caregivers of cancer patients who provide emotional support to current patients and their caregivers.

The Atlanta chapter of CanCare celebrated National Cancer Survivor Day June 2, at Johns Creek Presbyterian Church. Cancer survivors at the celebration honored caregivers by sharing stories of support and hope that caregivers provide to patients during cancer treatment.

Survivor Day is an annual celebration of life commemorated on the first Sunday in June. Thousands of people in communities around the world gather to recognize and honor cancer survivors, caregivers and volunteers to demonstrate that after a cancer diagnosis life can be fruitful, rewarding and inspiring.

CanCare was established in 1990 in Houston. The Atlanta chapter was organized in 2012 through the efforts of Kay Royal, a member of the church and volunteer coordinator of the Atlanta chapter. 

She and her family moved to this area from Houston where she was a cancer survivor and later a CanCare volunteer. The local chapter has grown to 17 congregations. The chapter partners with Emory Hospital Johns Creek where CanCare volunteers visit patients in the hospital and infusion center. 

Volunteers work with the hospital medical staff to offer emotional support to patients, their families and their caregivers.

CanCare Atlanta has trained 130 volunteers. They have walked alongside more than 2,000 cancer patients and their caregivers.

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