JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Voters will decide who will fill three Johns Creek City Council seats Nov. 5.

In Johns Creek, all City Council members represent the city at-large, and terms are four years. Voters can check their registration and locate their polling place at

Three candidates will be running for Post 6, which will be vacated by Councilman Steve Broadbent at the end of the year.

Here is a closer look at those candidates.

Erin Elwood

Erin Elwood is a 35-year-old, attorney, mother and avid reader. She and her husband Mark moved to Johns Creek in 2014.

They chose Johns Creek as the place they would raise their family because of the natural beauty and the excellent schools. They live in Rivermont off of Barnwell Road, where they enjoy the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. 

Elwood said that, if elected, her top priorities would be moving forward TSPLOST projects, parks and a city center.

“Every evening, the residents of Johns Creek pay the tax of indecision by the City Council as they sit in traffic, wasting time that should belong to them,” she said. “Every year, our children grow older without parks to enjoy or safe places for our teens to congregate. Every time a homebuyer rejects Johns Creek in favor of Duluth or Suwanee or Alpharetta, cities that recognize the benefit of a City Center and community-focused governance, it affects our property values.” 

Elwood grew up outside Chattanooga and moved to Georgia to attend Agnes Scott College. She continued her education at Georgia State University College of Law. 

She clerked for the federal Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals for a two-year term and has worked at local small firms since 2012, representing individuals and small business owners in employment and property law matters.

She has represented government employees who have witnessed corruption and were fired for speaking, was involved in suing GDOT in an inverse condemnation case and represented clients with stormwater issues.

“I understand that the client runs the relationship, and the attorney serves as their advocate, not the reverse — just like a council member listens to and serves at the direction of the residents,” Elwood said.

Elwood also completed a Masters in Library and Information Science, while working full-time as an attorney and volunteers in support of public libraries and childhood literacy.


Judy LeFave

Judy LeFave is a member of the Johns Creek Planning Commission running for Post 6.

“I believe that I have the experience and desire to step into this council seat and help ensure that Johns Creek residents continue to enjoy a beautiful and safe city,” LeFave said.

LeFave is a past president of the Johns Creek Community Association and was appointed to the Johns Creek Planning Commission in December 2017. In addition to these city roles, she has served on the Zoning Task Force as well as the Noise Ordinance Task Force.

The experience gained by these positions have served to increase her knowledge of the governing documents and procedures used in zoning cases in Johns Creek.

In another volunteer capacity, LeFave has worked with the Secretary of State Ambassadors representing Student Leadership Johns Creek for the past two years as an adviser in various citywide debates that propelled the group to statewide recognition and commendations.

“I have always been passionate about giving back to my community and especially to the youth of our society,” LeFave said. “I believe in paying my civic rent, and I take tremendous pride in my efforts on behalf of the citizens of Johns Creek.”

LeFave has been a Johns Creek resident for 22 years. She is married to Kevin LeFave and together they have two sons, Nathan and Peter. More information can be found at


Issure Yang

Issure Yang, a long-time resident and vocal community advocate, is running for Johns Creek City Council Post 6 to provide a truly representative voice for Johns Creek residents. 

Like many of her neighbors who feel like their voices are not being heard by their elected officials, Yang says she believes there is a more balanced and fiscally responsible way to manage and direct the future of Johns Creek for the maximum benefit of its residents.

“This is our city,” Yang said. “We must not only listen to our residents but truly represent them. Our residents are intelligent and our greatest resource. They should be kept engaged so that our city can reach its full potential. If there is any city with potential, it’s Johns Creek.”

Yang says she wants to bring smart traffic solutions, promote local business, encourage open and better communications and protect and serve the community. She wants everyone to have the ability to have a voice when making decisions about TSPLOST, parks, a city center, traffic, development and businesses.

Yang has lived in and around Johns Creek for most of her adult life. She currently lives off of Old Alabama Road. Yang has been a single parent of two children for 17 years. During that time she has been a small business owner, a property manager, a business consultant, a corporate division head and an active parent. She has a wide breadth of experience to call upon when making decisions on the Johns Creek City Council.

Her daughter attends the University of Georgia and her son is a senior at Johns Creek High School. Yang lives near her parents, both retired and residents of Johns Creek for more than 30 years.

For more information, visit or “IssureforJohnsCreek” on Facebook.


Editor’s note: This piece is part of a series on the 2019 City Council election. Brief biographies candidates for Posts 2 and 4 ran in previous editions of The Johns Creek Herald. For full coverage, visit If you have questions you’d like the candidate to answer, email your suggestions to

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