MILTON, Ga. — The Milton City Council voted unanimously March 4 to oppose a state bill which would prevent municipal and county governments from regulating residential building design.

A version of the bill has been proposed by both chambers of the Georgia General Assembly. House Bill 302 has passed the agriculture committee, while Senate bill 172 awaits review by the government oversight committee.

The bills would prohibit local governments from adopting or enforcing ordinances or regulations relating to building designs, such as color, material, roof shape or window or door style, on one or two-family dwellings.

The bill includes a few exceptions, such as homes located within a historic district. It would also allow the regulation of home design through private covenants, such as home owners associations.

“It could be disastrous, I think in my mind, if this does pass,” Councilman Matt Kunz said. “Because right now, the government that governs local governs best. I think that we do a pretty could job here in Milton and I would hate to see that go away.”

Councilwoman Laura Bentley agreed.

“Based on the percentage of residential, what makes up our city, I think this bill is particularly devastating to our community if it were to pass,” she said.

State Sen. John Albers, who represents southern parts of Milton along with Alpharetta, Roswell and Johns Creek, has already come about in opposition to this bill.

 “I adamantly oppose Senate Bill 172,” he stated. “Local control is critical to protecting our citizens and communities."

Alpharetta, Johns Creek and Forsyth County have also adopted resolutions opposing the bill. The Georgia Municipal Association, a group that lobbies on behalf of Georgia’s cities, also opposes the bill.

In other news, the Milton council approved facility use agreements between the city parks and several recreation groups.

The city also approved a contract to provide 30 body cameras and vehicle communication hardware to the police department. The contract with Utility Associates is for $267,000 over five years.    

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