JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — The Johns Creek City Council unanimously set a property tax rate of 3.552 mills, or $3.55 for every $1,000 of assessed valued. 

The rate is a reduction from last year’s 3.842 mills and lower than the rate that was advertised, 4.042.  

Most residents should see their property taxes go down because the millage rate reduction comes at a time when 61 percent of properties saw their taxable value decrease, thanks to new homestead exemptions. 

In Johns Creek, the city sets the millage rate toward the end of the fiscal year, so this tax rate is to fund the 2019 budget approved last fall. As of June 30, revenues are trending $2.2 million over budget and expenditures are trending $1.8 million under budget, the city reports. 

“Every year the City Council states it will reduce taxes if appropriate,” Councilwoman Stephanie Endres said. “Last year we said, ‘promises made, promises kept,’ and I think [that means] actually looking in the rearview mirror, looking at your millage rate, really looking at the cash collected taxes that came in.”

The council also set a rate of 0.391 mills for bond payment. This is also a reduction from the 2018 rate, which was 0.50 mills. 

“I think it’s important that when it’s demonstrated we have the ability to return money to the taxpayers and still meet the commitments of the city, I think it’s important that we do that,” Councilman Johns Bradberry said.

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